DIY Valentine Garland

Ah yes, Valentine’s Day. The only time of the year that men will tolerate their homes to be decorated in pinks, reds, and hearts.

Due to our lack of storage space, I keep the holiday decorating to a minium. However, I was feeling the itch to make a little Valentine’s decoration for our mantle.

Here’s what I came up with.

Anyone can make this… anyone! All you need is some material that doesn’t fray, twine, a needle and some thread!

To see how it all came together, keep on reading!

I actually made the hearts out of felted wool. If you aren’t familiar with felted wool, it is basically very-shrunken up wool that can be used for crafts. It doesn’t fray and can be easily cut into any shape you want. I picked up this felted wool sweater at a used craft store in St. Louis. As you can see, somebody has already used some parts of it but there was plenty left for me to play with.

I started by making my own heart template, tracing it on the wool and cutting out a heart.

I learned pretty quickly that there was no need to trace the template on the wool. I ended up just eyeballing it and cut out multiple hearts from the felted wool and from some white felt I had on hand.

I pinned my cut out heart on to a piece of contrasting felt and then just cut around the heart. This method was a lot easier than trying to cut out two hearts that fit together perfectly.

After the pieces were cut,  I just sewed a simple stitch around the edge of the inner heart. I wasn’t too worried about perfection either. I kind of liked that they didn’t look uniformed.

After sewing all the hearts together (which ended up taking about an hour), I used some craft glue and spaced the hearts out on some twine about 2-3 inches apart from each other.

Using thumbtacks, I hung up my heart garland.


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2 replies
  1. Polly says:

    Thanks, Julie! I’ll try to do a post soon about how I hung the wreath. I’ve actually had quite a few people ask about that.

  2. Julie Geyer says:

    Beautiful, Polly. So creative. I’d love to see how you placed decorative items on your mantel too, especially the wreath. My mantel needs a facelift.