Holiday Cookie Exchange

Holiday Cookie Exchange: A Fun Idea for Groups

By Polly Conner

What a fun event with a purpose for Christmas! Exchange cookies and freeze for the holidays.

Need a fun idea for a group get-together? We’ve previously shared some  fun group games such as Rate Your Mate and The Question Game. This activity isn’t so much a game though. It’s a cookie exchange!

How to Organize a Cookie Exchange

A few days before your event, tell all of your guests to bring some type of cookie to share with the group. As people arrive, line all the goodies up together. Once all the guests are there, give everyone a plate and tell them to collect one cookie from each dish.

Cookie exchange

Everyone goes home with a plate full of different types of cookies! It’s fun to see what recipes show up and to get to taste all the different types of cookies (without having to make a whole batch of your own).


The cookie exchange was quite the hit with ladies small group. This could be a fun New Year’s Eve idea too.

Just wanted to keep passing on the group activity ideas!


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2 replies
  1. Carrie says:

    A friend of mine hosted and organized a cookie exchange this year and it was so much fun! It was fun to hang out with friends and I went home with quite a nice variety of cookies. 🙂


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