How to Clean Uggs

I love my Uggs. I got them around 3 years ago and wish I could wear them every day. They are a heavenly place for my feet in the winter. The problem with my deep love for my Uggs is that they have gotten very dirty over the past few years.
I’ve never got the guts to clean them out of a fear that I would ruin my favorite pair of shoes. Yucky!
I did a little research and found a thrifty, simple, and natural way to clean my precious shoes… white vinegar and water!
I started by lightly brushing on water to the boot. I was nervous because my Uggs have never been this wet!
Next, I dipped my brush into bowl of vinegar and brushed it on to the boot. I scrubbed it in a little.
I then repeated my first step of brushing on water. After that, I wiped it and scrubbed it down with a wet towel.
I stuffed the boots with hand towels so they would keep their shape while drying.
This is me nervously watching them dry, wondering if I just ruined my favorite pair of shoes…
 After a few hours, they had dried and I was impressed with the results!
They may not look brand new but I was glad to see those nasty black smudges disappear. Thank you white vinegar! Your cleaning potentials continue to reveal themselves.

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  1. Teresa Stegman says

    My Ugg’s are about 17 yrs old. I cleaned them yesterday following your direction. Wow! They look great. Nobody would believe me if I told them how old they are! Great tips – so glad I found it. Thanks!!!

    • Polly says

      Great to hear!

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  4. Lizzie says

    I might be getting a pair of gently used uggs from ebay, however they have a few stains and i really want them to looks new, not used. :-/

  5. I love uggs and I used to buy them a lot, but since the fifth or sixth pair that I tossed I just decided to stop buying them. I tried to clean them many times but with not much success. I will definitely try your method. If it really works I will start wearing uggs again! 🙂

  6. Alexa B says

    I had the same problem with mine not looking brand new after cleaning them out but I found that lightly using a suede brush on them brings out their original texture and look really well.

    • Polly says

      Good tip!

  7. Karina says

    Can you do this with any color ugg?

    • Polly says

      Yes, I think you could. Vinegar is so versatile that it would likely work on most colors.

  8. Nadine says

    Quick question. Are your Uggs the soft leather or suede kind? I’ve had mine for a week & someone (no names mentioned-3 year old daughter) spilled relish all over the toe area 🙁

    • Polly says

      Yep- they are the suede kind. Hope it works for you!

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