How to Make a Pacifier Clip

By Polly Conner

My little lady loves her pacifier. She also loves to spit it out at inconvenient times and in gross places. One of the most useful things I’ve made for her so far is a pacifier clip.

They were SUPER easy. I made these four in an hour or so. Its a great and easy DIY project for thrifty moms out there. Here’s what you need:

Ribbon, elastic, and suspender clips.

Cut a 15 inch piece of ribbon and slide the clip on. Cut a 5 inch piece of elastic and fold it over and tape to the inside of the ribbon. (The tape holds it in place while you sew.)

Start your sewing by securing the end of the ribbon where the elastic is located. Sew and reinforce a horizontal stitch.

Now sew the edges of the ribbon to give it a finished look.

Attach a pacifier and you’re done!

These also make great gift ideas for baby showers or for new mommies. Trust me, any mom who has a pacifier-loving-baby will appreciate one of these.


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