How to Make Your Own Window Cornice

I really like the simple look of window cornices. They are clean, fresh, and from what I discovered, easy to make!
I was also pleasantly surprised at how cheap the supplies for this turned out to be. AND it doesn’t involve any sewing. Do I have your attention??
Here’s how my DIY window cornices turned out for my little gal’s nursery:
Want to make your own? Keep reading!
I had this left over insulation board from a few months back when I insulated our crawlspace holes. I think one board is around $10 at Lowes. One piece is more than enough for two windows. (The piece below has already been cut in half).

I measured around my window and then drew out my measurements on the board I was going to cut.
My window width was 42 inches. I added 1.5 inches to each side make the cornice wider than the window. Here’s how all my measurements turned out:

1 piece 13×45 inches

1 piece 2×45 inches

2 pieces 2×13 inches

I started by hot-gluing the pieces together. I then realized that duct tape was a much faster and just as efficient.

 Here’s a shot of the cornice all duct taped together.

 I laid out some batting over the cornice. (You can find batting for pretty cheap at almost any fabric store). I didn’t do any exact measurements for this part- I simply estimated it and cut the batting to where there was enough extra to wrap around to the back of the piece.

I did the same thing with the fabric. With the batting underneath the fabric, I got my staplegun out and went to work. Make sure to pull the fabric firm-not too tight. Then staple all around the edges to secure the batting and the fabric. I started with the top and bottom and left the sides for last.
I discovered that the fabric wrapped around the ends better if I cut an opening for the sides.
 I just wrapped the ends like a present and stapled them in place.

To hang these bad boys, I picked up a packet of “L brackets” and secured one to each side of the window.
I then slipped my upholstered cornice on. Viola!
Sure beats buying expensive nursery curtains!

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  1. Jessica says

    What did you use to cut your insulation?

    • Polly says

      I used a box knife I believe. Once you make a guideline cut, it breaks apart very easily.

  2. How cute! I just found your blog via google =) I am thinking about making cornices for my baby’s nursery. How are the cornices holding up? I am debating about making them out of wood. Did you end up attaching the cornice to those L brackets? How did you do that?
    Thanks for the inspiration =)

    • Polly says

      Hi Kelly

      Glad you found us! I just screwed the L bracket into the frame of the window and set the cornice on it. So basically I could reach up and slide it off at any point that I want. It isn’t the most secure way but I figured nobody would be able to touch them so they didn’t necessarily need to be secured to the wall. I’m sure there is a better way to do it but this has worked for me. Good luck!