In the Kitchen: Polly’s Faves

My mother is the kitchen gadget queen. I think we had a tool or contraption for EVERY need in the kitchen. I’m not to that point yet, but I do have a few favorite things that I’d recommend. Below are six of my favorite kitchen tools. Check back tomorrow for Rachel’s Favorites!

1) Pampered Chef Food Chopper: We use this guy all the time. There are so many times we need something small chopped up real quick so this tool is really handy to have. It can be a little loud but usually only a few chops are necessary to get the job done.

2) 4-in-1 cake dome: I love things that have multiple purposes. This 4-in-1 cake dome that a friend got me for a wedding gift can be used as a footed cake plate, chip & dip, punch bowl, and 5 section server. It does it all!

3) OXO Good Grips 10-Piece POP Container Set: I LOVE these storage containers. In fact, I made some labels for mine to jazz them up a little. They are easy to stack and store. They keep things airtight and fresh too. I have all shapes and sizes and plan to get more in the future.

4) Mini coffee maker: I’m the only coffee drinker in our house so having a full pot doesn’t make sense. That is why I like this mini-coffee maker. It makes 4 cups (which is a little more than I drink a day) so it is perfect. I love getting it all ready the night before so in the morning I can just press “on” and get my coffee brewing! The only drawback worth mentioning is the fact that heated water passes through plastic. This makes Rachel a little more squirmy than me but it’s for sure not ideal. Here’s a previous post about chemical exposure if you’re interested.

5) Cordless Swivel Sweeper: Yep, as in the one you’ve seen on the infomercials. My mom got me one of these and it really is great! It feels like there is an endless amount of crumbs, dog hair, dirt, and miscellaneous gunk on our kitchen floors. This sweeper is a quick fix for the light cleaning necessary. It’s also great to get to hard to reach places like under the table or couches (assuming you have hardwood floors). My only complaint is that the battery life is pretty weak. I have to recharge it after a few uses but the fact that it’s cordless makes up for this weakness.

6) Magic Bullet: This is the next step up from my food chopper mentioned above. I have used my magic bullet tons for smoothies. I now also use it to puree foods for my infant. It can smooth out almost anything!


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  1. Amber Jipp says

    Polly, is the magic bullet easy to clean?

    • Polly says

      Yep! According to the company, all parts are dishwasher safe. Even though I usually hand wash mine, I’ve run it through the dishwasher a few times and it’s been easy to clean either way.