In The Kitchen: Rachel’s Faves

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I am a sucker for kitchen tools and appliances!  These are a few of my favorites that I use regularly in my own home.

1) Microplane 40020 Classic Zester/Grater

I use this for all kinds of things, such as…

…grating raw carrot or apple for my baby.  It’s an easy way to get uncooked (read: most nutritious!) veggies and fruit into your baby who is old enough to pick up food on his/her tray.

…grating real Parmesan cheese over our pasta.  You’ll never go back once you try this!  It’s buttery and delicious.

…zesting lemons and limes.  I use it in recipes like my Guacamole or Shrimp Scampi.

…grating a garlic clove or even onion.  Racheal Ray taught me this one. It’s much easier than mincing.

2) T-Fal Performance Stainless Steel Copper Bottom Cookware, 10 Piece Set

After learning about the dangers of cooking with teflon and some questions surrounding aluminum pans, I searched high and low for affordable new cookware.  From my research, the safe options seemed to be stainless steel or cast iron.  I chose these T-Fal stainless steel ones because they were affordable, stylish, and conduct heat well because of the copper interior.  The only downside, which I don’t know how to avoid without using teflon, is that they stick if you don’t use a good amount of oil.  Overall, they have been a well-worth-it purchase.

3) Accusharp Knife Sharpener

With all the chopping I do around here, my knives get dull (and dangerous!) quickly. I’ve cut my fingers more than once because of a dull knife. Even though it’s cheap, this sharpener does the trick every time.  After a quick few runs through this device, my knives slice easily through tomatoes and peppers like they were new.

4) The Pampered Chef Large Bar Pan

I love this stoneware pan for things like Oven Fries, and Breakfast Cookies. It bakes evenly, is non-stick once it’s seasoned, and produces a perfectly crisp crust on things like Roasted Vegetables.  Plus, it’s a 100% safe, toxin-free way to do your baking!  Here’s a great article about why stoneware is a great choice, how to season it, and how to clean it.

5) Kitchen Shears

This is one of my most utilized kitchen tools! I use it to cut up pieces of food for my toddler, cut pizza into slices, or cut up chicken pieces in recipes like Chicken Penne Pasta.

6) Smooth Edge Can Opener

This opener is easy to use and leaves completely safe, smooth edges on the can and the can top.  Why on earth I didn’t have this much sooner I don’t know.

7) KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Have you ever met someone who didn’t love this kitchen appliance?  My sweet grandma passed along her cool retro avocado-colored one to me, and I’ve used it at least once a week since.  It’s an investment worth saving for if you ask me.


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  2. holli says

    Hey! We had those kitchen sheers and they disappeared a few weeks ago! They really are great, now I’m missing mine