Jazz Up Your Storage Space

I’m a sucker for storage and organization units. I love finding creative ways to store junk.

What started as an innocent stroll down the organization aisle at Target, resulted in me coming home with this. (The gift card was burning a hole in my pocket!)

The unit didn’t stay that way though. I had an idea and luckily a nap time aligned with my wave of creativity.

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As expected, I had to put it together piece by piece. Honestly, I kind of like projects like this. I love seeing all the different parts and pieces come together and make something cohesive.

I was doing this project solo (if you don’t count my supervisor, Sophie, and my napping 7 month old) so there were some challenging parts but I persevered and got it put together.

The unit included these 4 pieces of cardboard-type material to serve as backing for the piece. I figured it’d be easy to add some color by jazzing these up.

I pulled out some wrapping paper that I had gotten on sale at Hobby Lobby a while back and simply wrapped them like I would a present.

To make sure the backgrounds didn’t get torn or ripped once they were in use, I coated each of them with a layer of Mod Podge.

After that had completely dried, I nailed in the backgrounds and stepped back to take a look.

Love it! Total cost for thrifty decorating? ZERO bucks! I just got creative and used what I had in my home. You’d be surprised with what you can do with what you already have. Another lesson I learned through this… never pass up a roll of good wrapping paper. You never know when you’ll actually use it!


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  1. tahnee robb says:

    i really like your blog its so cool,my niece has a blog its called shutter momma ,u can get to it threw fb under the same name…i think u will like it as well,,i am so proud of her i love to show her work off,,