Kid-Friendly Trail Mix

Below is recipe for the Trail Mix we made at my 3-year-old son’s Cooking Birthday Party yesterday.  Each kid received a ziplock bag.  Then, we passed around bowls that contained each individual ingredient with a serving spoon or scoop.  On each bowl was a post-it note telling the kids/moms exactly how much to spoon or scoop out from that bowl into their bag (i.e. 3 spoonfuls or 2 scoops).  Warning to parents:  I’ve been stuffing my face with this mix for two days straight now!  It’s addictive.

Kid-Friendly Trail Mix

Serves: 4-6

Place the following ingredients in a ziplock bag.

1 c cheerios
1 c mini whole wheat pretzels
1/2 c all-natural banana chips
1/2 c organic raisins
1/2 c dark chocolate chips
1/2 c raw almonds/unsalted peanuts mix (optional)

Close ziplock bag and shake.

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