Lima Bean Wreath

Christmas wreaths are all over the Internet right now. There are so many different kinds and different ways to make them. When I heard about making a wreath out of lima beans, I was skeptical. However, after I thought about it more it didn’t seem like that crazy of an idea. I was in need of a Christmas wreath so I gave it a shot. Here’s how it turned out.

It started with a plain, foam wreath that I got 40% off at Hobby Lobby. You only need a glue gun and lima beans after that! I  started hot gluing one bean at a time on my wreath. It’s a great project to do in front of the TV or with in the midst of a crowd.

They might think you are a little crazy (like my husband did) by attempting to hot glue that many lima beans to a wreath but if you can handle the criticism, it’s fun to do around people.

It is a bit monotonous but it really didn’t take as long as I thought it would.

After all the beans were glued on, I primed it with my favorite spray paint primer (Kilz) and then gave it another coat of white spray paint.

Add a lovely Christmas ribbon and you’re done!

If I could go back and do this again, I would have spray painted the wreath before gluing the beans on. I don’t like how I can still see green underneath. I also would have taken more time to pick off the hot glue remnants. Those seemed to show up more when spray painted. From far away it didn’t look too bad though.

Overall, I like it… from far away. Just don’t look too close. 🙂

Now if only I could find a place to put it in my house!



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