Make Your Own Baby Wipes

Due to some stubborn diaper rash on Adelyn’s bum, I started asking questions about things that could possibly help it go away a little faster. I got a few good suggestions from my expert mommy friends. One told me that her doctor told her to stop using wipes and switch to a wash cloth for a while. Apparently the chemicals in wet wipes can sometimes be a little harsh on the sensitive areas. I did a little poking around online and got some ideas on how to make your own wipes. So, I’m giving it a shot.

Lots of people suggested cutting up flannel receiving blankets and using those. Since I had a pack of 5 that I wasn’t using, I figured they could be sacrificed to the cause of healing Adelyns red hiney. I cut them up in squares- probably 8×8 sizes but I didn’t bother measuring since they are simply butt wipes. I read that flannel blankets fray pretty bad so I did a simple zig-zag stitch around the outside of each wipe.

To use them, we just wet it down with a spray bottle, wipe the booty, and toss it in the hamper if we aren’t using our cloth diapers. If we are using the Fuzzi Bunz, I just toss the rag in with the diaper and wash them all together. Since her poop isn’t too gross yet, it really isn’t a big deal nor is it very stinky.

Hopefully this will help out my little gal’s tush!

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