Meet My Mom and Her Sangria Recipe

Meet my mom.  She’s a cross between the Pioneer Woman and Alton Brown.  With a garden and yard full of about 35 varieties of vegetables, fruits, and nuts and a “nothing goes to waste” mentality, mom comes up with the most creative food concoctions.  Get this.  Not only does she garden, cook, can, and work as a nurse practitioner…but, she makes wine.  How cool is that?  In the words of Wayne and Garth, “I’m not worthy!”

This past weekend I took the three kids to my parents’ house while the hubs was at an away football game.  While there, we quickly got the kids to bed and prepared to watch the MU vs. AZ game.  Because mom had just opened a bottle of her Wild Black Cherry Wine–made from fruit out of her own yard–she decided to experiment and make Sangria for us.  I made some popcorn on the stove while she poured the liquid gold that had been steeping in the fridge for hours.  This sweet Sangria almost washed down the bitter taste left in my mouth from losing the game!  Seriously, this is a must try recipe, even if you think you don’t like wine.  My dad’s picture makes it look like you could reach out and take a drink, doesn’t it?

My Mom’s Sangria

1 bottle of your favorite dry red wine
1 – 15 oz can mandarin oranges in light syrup
1 – 8 oz can pineapple in it’s own juice
3-4 cup up apples (or any other fruit you like)
Optional: a can of Sprite (we didn’t do this and it was plenty sweet)

Stir all ingredients together and let sit in the fridge overnight or at least for a few hours.  Serve cold and with some of the fruit in the glass.

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  1. Rachel says

    Thanks for following and leaving a comment! Go Tigers!

  2. M+B says

    I'm a new follower, and I saw that you were cheering on Mizzou! I'm a Mizzou grad, so I just have to say hello to a fellow fan!