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  1. Barb says

    I use the plastic bag idea when we go to the pond to feed the ducks and geese. Had to do something after the first time going there we all had duck and goose poo caked on our shoes and had to take them off and put them in the trunk before getting in the car. Better that boots, since when we got back to the car, we just removed the bags inside out and put them all into a bigger bag to throw out. No boots or shoes to clean!

    • Rachel says

      What a great idea! My mom does this when she works in her garden.

  2. Susan H says

    Thanks for this idea… I didn’t use your exact idea but it did give me an idea of my own this week. I live in Tennesse and since we don’t have snow often, my kids don’t have snow shoes. After seeing your idea I had the thought that I could keep my toddler’s feet dry in his only pair of shoes by putting platic baggies over his feet and taping those around the ankle. It would have worked wonderfully if it hadn’t freaked the 2 year old out to have plastic bags on his feet. Oh well. I still have the idea for future use.

    • Rachel says

      Great idea! My mom used to do that to us and she still does it when working in her garden. I love mom hacks!