Monster Pillow Tutorial

By Polly Conner

Once upon a time I had time to sew and made cute things like this.

monster mouth pillow

This easy to sew monster pillow makes for a great gift to almost any age of kid. Fill it with goodies and share the monster love with a kiddo that you want to make smile.

This little guy could also be really cute to use as a tooth-fairy pillow. If I get the time (yeah right) I want to make a girly one for my three year old gal.

Since I actually made this pillow a few years ago I’m a little rusty on how exactly it all came together. Here is a hint of how it all comes together though.

monster pillow

If you want to make your own, check out this monster tooth pillow tutorial put together by The Long Thread. Their tutorial is much better than mine would ever be!

Just in case you wanted to see another cute little monster, here ya go.

monster pillow diy


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