My Five Minute Spray Paint Project

Yes, I have a newborn and toddler. And yes, I somehow found time to do this little spray paint project.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.34.48 AM

The thing is, I love to create. I love to see the potential in ordinary junk and redeem its value. So why the heck I am doing crafty projects in the midst of the fog of sleep deprivation and keeping a toddler busy? Because it refreshes me and keeps me feeling like myself.

In this season of life, I keep the projects simple. Spray painting is one of my favorite makeover techniques because it’s cheap and easy.

This little elephant is special to me. It was actually my mom’s as a kid. You can’t tell by the pictures but it has a bobble head that my toddler is obsessed with. This little guy is a piggy bank and was about to be sold in my grandpa’s estate sale before I snatched it up. As you can see, he’s seen better days.



After wiping him down real well, I just gave him a few coats of this blue spray paint.



After letting him dry, here is how he turned out!


I think he’s stinkin’ adorable. I also love that he has some sentimental meaning. He found a home in my son’s room above his changing table.

IMG_8107 I think he likes his new home. Better than the musty garage he’s been sitting in for 40+ years!



On an unrelated note, here’s a recent picture of my little man. This proud mama can’t  help but share pictures.




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  1. Liz says

    What a fun and quick little project! The blue elephant looks so cute sitting on the shelf. But not nearly as cute as that baby boy!!!
    Love, G-Liz