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By Polly Conner

One of our growing passions about blogging as a part-time job is helping new bloggers get a strong start. We’ve learned so much along the way and love to help others take the next step in their blogging careers.

In an effort to give some brand spankin’ new blogs a jump start, we will regularly introduce a few select ones to you. These bloggers are getting their own special feature because they signed up for their site through our Blogging Basics Series.

I’m excited to introduce to you, Alexis. She is the author of The Lexicon Writing Blog. I love the idea of a writing blog. It’s something unique and different and I think makes her stand out in the saturated world of new bloggers. She’s got some great ideas for aspiring writers. Swing by and check her out!


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My name is Alexis Truitt and I’ve been writing stories since I learned my letters. More than anything, creating stories is my passion. After a few years of distraction from writing and storytelling, I felt the need to get back into the groove of writing daily and consistently. The Lexicon Writing Blog was born from my own need to keep myself focuses on the thing I love most!

Now, The Lexicon Writing Blog exists to help you create the novel you’ve always wanted to read. You’ll find writing help for everything from character development and creating your writing space to inspiration for your next plot idea and tips and tricks for writing every single day.

Follow me on Instagram @thelexiconwritingblog for weekly writing prompts and keep an eye out for my upcoming weekly newsletter, coming soon! 


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  1. Kaili says:

    Hi! I just recently started a blog for inspiring and supporting female entrepreneurs/business women. I need some traffic over to my blog, if you could help that would be awesome!