Olliblocks: A Mom’s Review

While we for sure have our share of toys that light up, play music, and even dance around, I’m always on the hunt for toys that encourage creativity and thinking. Since creative toys are sometimes hard to find, I was excited when I stumbled onto Olliblocks on Pinterest. Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 8.08.22 PM

After poking around the Caravan Digital Download Shoppe (which caused me to have website envy by the way- check it out, it’s so cute!), I contacted the company and asked for a sample. In return I told them I would blog about what I thought of them.

After I got my starter pack of Olliblocks, I printed off two sets. They recommend using cardstock but I didn’t have any on hand. I did have some high quality print paper however, so I just used that. For the first set, I attached them to an adhesive magnet sheet and then cut them all apart. The paper I printed on worked fine for using them this way.

making magnetsThe result: my little lady loved them! She’s not quite old enough to understand the concept of mix and matching the bodies, but she loves playing with them – especially the animal ones!

fridgeAren’t they cute?!



olliblocks on fridgeFor the second copy, I bought some 2 inch wood blocks from Hobby Lobby and Mod Podged the pieces to the blocks. I’ll be honest, this turned out to be quite tedious. I had to trim each square down to fit the block exactly or else it would overlap and look sloppy. Even after Mod Podging, I had some loose corners that my toddler quickly found and ripped off. I’m thinking if I had used cardstock like they recommended this may not have been an issue. Live and learn I guess.

Despite the imperfections, they turned out pretty cute.

I think only my eyes notice the mistakes. As you can see from the pictures below, my little lady didn’t mind one bit that they weren’t all perfect.

Playing with olliblocks

stacking olliblocks

toddler with olliblocksI like the fact that I can throw these into the diaper bag and have them on hand in the future when a little entertainment is needed. I also love that I can make unlimited copies of my order to use in other fun ways.

This mom gives an official thumbs up for Olliblocks.


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