On the Job Meditations for Moms

By Rachel Tiemeyer

baby feetA dark, short silhouette hovers over you and whispers “Mommy. Why are you still asleep?”  You mutter a dry throat grunt in response, while your hand searches the end table for your glasses forged in 1999.  Once your sight is restored, you eye the glowing green numbers of the clock…6:05.  It’s no use sending him back to bed.  He’ll just wake up his sister at this point.  Then, you hear the baby through the monitor. And, so the day begins.

What about that “time before the kids get up” you were going to spend reading your Bible?  Remember, you were going to get perspective and grace and patience and wisdom for the day ahead.  Oh that?  Ha, ha, ha, my young mom friend.  Long gone.

I’ve had more days begin like this than I can count for the past few years.  Good intentions of getting up early to read and pray turn into changing diapers, nursing a baby, making breakfast, and brewing coffee before I know it.  Thankfully, I’ve had some dear friends advise me to get creative in meeting with God during these “little years” of parenting.  They’ve encouraged me to fit in Bible reading, praying, and worshiping in sneaky ways if needed.  (Hmm, strangely sounds like my theory of exercising right now too.)

One way to commune with God that has worked for me has been to write out a Bible verse or two that I need to impress on my heart at the moment.  Then, I place it in a highly visible spot.  Below is the one over my kitchen sink currently (pay no attention the grime caked on my walls).  As I wash my hands and dishes throughout the day, I find myself praying these words and simultaneously renewing my heart and mind with truth.  Truth that helps me get the grace I need to parent and serve my family well.

I have several mom friends that I look up to and who are trying to serve God and their families. I thought it would be cool to see what they were meditating on during their days of parenting.  Perhaps you can find a few moments for on the job meditation on some of these verses or your own today.  It amazes me how one minute of looking up instead of down (at the dirty floors or fighting kids) can change your whole perspective.


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4 replies
  1. Holli says:

    I love this thanks. I started laughing at the first paragraph, so true, and what about the kid who wanted to join you in bed at 5am and go back to sleep and then the next kid somehow in their sleep senses that the other one is awake and also wants to come in… Maybe I should just sleep with the Jesus Storybook Bible so I can just start reading at 6am to everyone!


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