halloween decor-painted jars

Painted Jar Jack-O-Lanterns

jack-o-lantern jars

A few nights ago I was getting the itch to do a little crafting. I honestly can’t remember where this original idea came from but my vision was to paint the inside of some mason jars, add a face to the outside, put a candle in them, and let them glow like little jack-o-lanterns in my house. But, as we all know, things sometimes don’t turn out quite like you envisioned.

Here was what I started with: Three different sized mason jars, three colors of paint (black paint not pictured), and brushes.

painting jars supplies

Here is the deal with painting jars: It is super easy but takes some patience. Reason is, each layer has to dry before you add the next. One layer won’t cut it either. Below is my yellow jar after just one layer of paint. See all those streaks? You have to wait for each coat to dry. I actually got my hairdryer out to speed up the process. It worked pretty well!

painting the inside of mason jars

After painting a few layers inside each jar, I went to work on the faces of the jack-o-lanterns. I used my Silhouette machine to create a stencil to use. I learned the hard way that you must pull off the stencil before the paint dries. If you don’t the paint will peel off with it. The good thing is, if you use acrylic paint like I did, it’s really easy to wash it off and start over.

After my faces were painted, I tied some black and orange ribbon around the top to give it more of a Halloween feel.

Now I was eager to see these bad boys with candles in them in a dark room!

I lit the candles, turned out the lights, and checked out my project.

Ummm, YUCK!

The streaks of my paint showed up and made things look uneven. Light was hardly shining through any of them – especially the green one. This isn’t quite what I had in mind.

Lights back on please!

It wasn’t hard to decide that these little candles will serve our house the best, unlit on our mantle for the season. The great thing is, when Halloween is over, I can turn them around and they will still be festive colors for Thanksgiving.

halloween decor-painted jars


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