Pink Slime, Canned Foods, and Dog Milk

Note to self:  That has to be the strangest blog post title I have ever typed or will ever type.

This post is dedicated to my sweet husband, who has patiently listened to and at times laughed at my passionate rants about America’s food industry over the past several years.  He says I’m a cross between a nerd and a foodie and lovingly nicknamed me “Ferdie” (get it?).  I actually take that as a compliment…which I realize proves his point all the more.

Anyway…please don’t freak out too much about what I’m about to share, if it’s new to you.  But I think it’s sometimes good to have our eyes opened about a few health-related things at a time. Remember, we’re all about taking baby steps to good health and a thriving home around here.  Baby steps start with awareness.  With that in mind, here are a few interesting tid-bits that I think are worth scanning and considering for you and your family.

1) Pink Slime:  This Jamie Oliver video below illustrates one of many reasons why I try to buy local and/or organic beef.  Are we really feeding our kids this?

2) BPA-Free Cans:  Did you know the majority of canned foods are lined with BPA?  Here’s more from Mayo Clinic about this controversial chemical that we’re exposed to daily.  One study sited in this article claims meals involving one or more cans of food can “cause a pregnant woman to ingest levels of BPA that have been shown to cause health effects in developing fetuses in laboratory animal studies.”  So, I wanted to share with you this handy list of canned foods that DO NOT contain BPA.

3) 4 Biggest Nutritional HoaxesHere‘s one last eye-opening article for you. I’m not sure I fully agree with everything this Seattle-based nutritionist opines on, but I do think he brings up some interesting points regarding our food industry’s power of persuasion.  One quote that might pique your interest:

Humans ‘need’ cow’s milk as much as cats ‘need’ dog’s milk. The dairy industry has simply succeeded in convincing Americans that ‘calcium’ is a synonym for ‘dairy’. Instead of a ‘have three servings of calcium-rich foods a day’ public health message, we have been brainwashed for decades about the importance of ‘three servings of dairy’ a day.

I encourage you to not get overwhelmed with this information.  Instead, consider making one small change–according to your own conscience and budget–to your family’s diet.  That’s what we’ve done over the last few years.  Over time, the small changes add up and no one is too emotionally distraught in the process.

Yours truly,


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  1. Rachel says

    We have an interesting question/discussion going on our Thriving Home facebook page right now about what kind of milk to serve your kids. Drop by or weigh in yourself on the subject. I’d love to know what you think.