preschool math learning game

Preschool Math Learning Game: Twist On the Game of War

By Rachel Tiemeyer

preschool math learning game

Here’s a quick and easy math learning game you can play with your preschooler. My 4-year-old son loves this one. It’s a twist on the game of war which will help your child learn the concept of “more than and less than” in a visual way. This War Game also helps with counting in a visual way.

Supplies: a deck of cards and at least 10 Duplo blocks per player

Preparation: Remove the aces, kings, queens, jacks, and jokers from the deck, leaving only the number cards.

How to Win: The person with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

How to Play:

1. Each player needs at least 10 Duplo or Lego blocks.

2. Shuffle the cards and deal all of them out evenly to each player.

3. Everyone says “1..2..3..War!” as you each lay down one card per round. Look at the number on your card and stack that many blocks. Compare the block towers and decide whose is the tallest. The person with the highest number (or tallest tower) wins the round and gets to take both cards.

Note: Take time to explain to your child each round which number is higher/bigger and which is lower/smaller and to explain the concept of “more than and less than”. 

4. When all your cards are gone, count the ones in your win pile and see which player has the most cards. If you really want to get crazy, use the blocks (you’ll need at least 52) to make a tower for each player with the amount of cards in their winning pile.

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