Preschool Number Learning Game

By Polly Conner

simple number learning game for preschooler

This preschool number learning activity is almost too simple to deserve its own post. Anyone can whip this matching game up at almost any time. All you need is some paper and scissors.

Depending on what numbers your preschooler knows, write them out on a piece of paper. Now do the same thing on a different sheet of paper and cut those numbers up. Have your little one match away! My gal is still working on recognizing 10-20 so we focused on those.

number game for preschooler

It was a quick and easy game that kept her attention. I could see us using this game as she continues to learn more and more numbers. For example, in a few months we will probably do 20-40. This could also be used for letters if your kiddo is needing some practice with the alphabet. Customize it to your kiddo!

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