Reader Poll: Pumpkin Pancake Picture Problems

By Polly Conner

Guys. The pancakes have come between us.

Between Rachel and me that is.

See, the deal is we can’t agree which picture of our pumpkin pancakes is the best. She likes one and I like the other. In fact we both feel very differently as to which is the best picture to represent this yummy pancake recipe.

We also like a little friendly competition and aren’t afraid to put this question before YOU!

Which picture do you think should be used on our post?

Picture One:whole-wheat-pumpkin-pancakes


Picture Two:

whole wheat pumpkin pancakes

[polldaddy poll=8377665]

Results will be announced in a few days.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping Rachel and I work through our differences. And giving one of us the chance to gloat to the other.


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2 replies
  1. Devin says:

    This may be a silly reason to like a picture, but I love the texture of the pancakes in the first. I’m a HUGE maple syrup enthusiast, and all those little holes look like they would soak up massive amounts of the syrupy goodness. The second picture has lovely composition (I love the color and the little pumpkin in the background), but the pancakes are so smooth it makes me think the syrup would run off and puddle on the plate – a pancake tragedy if ever there was. Thanks for letting us chime in, Ladies!