safe way to show youtube videos

Mom Hack: Safest Way to Show Youtube Videos to Kids

By Rachel Tiemeyer

Do you like to watch Youtube videos with your kids? Or are you a teacher in some capacity and show Youtube videos to children? If so, you may find this tip helpful that my friend, Christine, sent me. SafeShare.TV provides the safest way to show Youtube videos to kids. Generating a video link through this site, instead of showing it directly on Youtube, enables you to avoid all the sidebar previews with potentially inappropriate content. It also means fewer distractions.

Here’s how easy it is to use. I’ll walk you through it with some screen shots.

Take this Jimmy Fallon Youtube video for instance…


Copy and paste its link ( into the SafeShare.TV URL box. Click “Generate Safe Link.”

safe way to show youtube videos

On the next screen, click “Take me to safe view”. Note: I haven’t experimented with the “Customize video” link (below) yet, but you also have the ability to edit the video and just show a portion of it. This easy edit option means you can show only the parts you need for a lesson or feel comfortable showing.

safe way to view youtube videos

Below is the “safe screen” link where you can show your Youtube video without distractions. My daughter watched this video about 30 times from here (and sang at the top of her lungs).

safe way to show youtube videos


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