Family Christmas Celebration

Santa or No Santa?

By Polly Conner

Last weekend I had a girls weekend with my college besties. As we’ve talked about before here and here, getting away with girlfriends is refreshing for the soul. We had a blast (and almost got snowed in!!)


The weekend was full of laughs, good food and great conversations. One conversation that kept coming up was the topic of Christmas. More specifically, how we plan to handle raising our little people in a Christmas culture that focuses on Santa, presents and stuff.

We all have kids that are 4 and under. Since children begin to form their understanding of what Christmas is about from very early on, we are all faced with the challenge of keeping Christmas about the celebration of Jesus’ birth rather than the celebration of toys.

But HOW!?

We all plan to navigate the waters in fairly different ways. Some are choosing to not do Santa all together. Some are not taking him away entirely but plan to keep his presence minimal. Some plan to do it just like they grew up. While we all may not approach the challenge the same, we all have the same goal and the same question: “How do we keep Jesus at the center of the Christmas holiday?”

Like my friends and I, I’m sure you many of you are facing the same dilemma.

That’s why I couldn’t be more excited to tell you about something Rachel has put together to take this challenge head-on. Rachel, a mom who has 14+ years of children’s and family ministry experience under her belt, has put together a Family Christmas Devotional.

Christmas devotional for families

This simple, once-a-week devotional is intended to help your family remember that Jesus was sent by God to be the Savior of the world! We hope as you read and talk about the story each week, your hearts will be captured by the “good news of great joy” this Christmas season.

Each of the four devotionals included are organized in the same way:

Read: Choose one or more of the ways listed to communicate the story.

Pray: Take a moment to pray the written out prayer or say your own to help connect the Bible story to your own lives. This demonstrates to children how we can use God’s Word to help us talk to him.

Discuss and Do: To help children further understand and connect to the story, choose one or more of the simple activities. Have fun together and help the Christmas story come alive for your kids!

If you were hoping for me to give you reasons to do Santa or to chuck the guy, sorry. Not the post you are looking for. BUT I hope you are excited to have a great, quality resource to use with your family this holiday season.

The Family Christmas Devotional is launching SOON! Keep checking back to snag your copy.

We are super excited to get this in the hands of families! Spread the word!

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1 reply
  1. Tara says:

    I felt convicted last year that it was important for my children to know the truth about things like this just based on an ethical standpoint that if they realized in a few years that I’d lied to them about something as inconsequential as Santa over and over again, what else might I be lying to them about – would they doubt the truth of the Bible and the stories within it?

    So I sat down and had that heart to heart. I told my daughter the truth about it all, then I also allowed that it’s certainly a lot of fun to pretend there’s a Santa and that we would still put out stockings etc. We also discussed that it’s not our job to explain to anyone else if Santa is real.

    So we haven’t taken Santa out of the equation. It’s just more of a fun pretend game now and I don’t have to stress about her being heartbroken if someone breaks the news to her. 🙂 Kids are pretty game for a fun pretend story especially if they get gifts out of it.

    Love the devotional idea.