Homemade Food…Everyday?

I’m about to make a statement that you might strongly disagree with.  But, I’ll do it anyway…and hopefully convince you.

I think having healthy homemade food (vs. eating processed convenience food or fast food) for most meals is doable and is a huge benefit to you and your family. 

Granted I only work a very part-time job and only have two kids, so I understand that different life situations may make this goal more difficult.  Before having kids, my husband and I ate all kinds of frozen pizzas and take-out due to our crazy work schedule.  However, I’ve been learning that healthy home-cooked meals are achievable if you’re willing to invest in these three things:

1) Weekend planning – On Saturday, I plan out meals, a grocery list,  and time to go to the store and Farmer’s Market to buy fresh produce for the week. I try to only go one time a week and stick to my list to save money.

2) Making Freezer Meals – For me, this equals being in a freezer club, where I end up with 12 different frozen entrees every 5 weeks.  I also double just about everything else I cook and freeze the second batch. Check out our most popular post that contains over 40 Healthy Freezer Meals for ideas.

3) A willingness to eat leftovers – If the food is good enough, this shouldn’t be a problem! 🙂

Again, I want to emphasize that I know cooking this much isn’t feasible for every family.  My hope, though, is that perhaps you can begin to think of small ways to incorporate more homemade (and healthy convenience foods instead of fast food) into your week despite your circumstances.  I think you’ll find the rewards are both physical and financial…and that your food just tastes better!

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  1. accessfletch says

    Rachel — Your Ode to Devin left out her best home run: her Grilled Mahi Mahi with Peach Relish!!!! NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM

  2. Rachel says

    Ode to Devin: Our Freezer Club Dropout

    A replacement for Devin, who can find?
    Moving to San Antonio, she left us behind.
    Freezer Club pales to the days of old,
    when Devin shared her nuggets of gold.

    "Master Of Random Facts" was Devin's a.k.a.
    Answering any food query that came her way.
    The acronym MORPH eventually was her name.
    Local lore has it, she made Freezer Club fame.

    Chicken with Strawberry Gastrique,
    Fish Stew, Potstickers, something with leek.
    The culinary adventures of Devin are past,
    a void that is high, wide, long and vast.

    Oh Devin, where are thou, our FC friend?
    Our FC's broken hearts, who can mend?
    We pray you find five members anew,
    And hope they will like your southern Fish Stew!

  3. The Lammys says

    Ode to Freezer Club

    Oh, Freezer Club
    How I miss thee
    For making my evening meal
    Take so little time to prepare
    And yet
    I knew that the food
    That I was feeding my family
    Would be as good for our health
    As for our tummies.

    Mini Chicken Burgers
    Asian Lettuce Wraps
    I miss your deliciousness.
    Burrito Pie
    There are no words for your amazingness
    How I long to
    "Eat the crap" out of you.

    Oh Freezer Club,
    Dear Freezer Club
    How I miss thee.
    May I find five gullible…
    I mean willing…
    Friends to start anew.

  4. Rhonda says

    Thanks, Rachel. Keep posting sample menus! Half the battle for me is just having ideas of what to make.

    • Heather says

      This is my battle as well. I am loving this blog 🙂

  5. Beth says

    Rachel, just heard about your blog today…and I'm so glad!! Your menu is very inspiring:)

  6. Rachel says

    Jeanna, good point. I completely agree with you on the indulgences! The Tiemeyers are notorious ice cream lovers and night snackers. Just ask any of our friends or family. I figure if we can eat healthy for the majority of the day, a sweet treat is well deserved (at least some of the time).

  7. Jeanna Hehl Basnett says

    I agree Rachel. When Andy and I got married, I thought it would be impossible to make healthy inexpensive meals each day. One does have to commit to leftovers and planning. OH, and I think its key to teat yourself to indulgences every once and a while!