Simple, Easy DIY Christmas Notes

By Polly Conner

Christmas note cards

Around Christmas time I find quite a few reasons that I need some little note cards around. Gifts for neighbors, thank yous, something to slip into gifts, or like I used them, to send a personal note along with Christmas cards. IMG_6992

With a little time and the right supplies, it is really easy to make your own cards for any occasion. Here is how:

Materials Needed:

  • Washi Tape (decorative tape)
  • A Corner cutter (found at any scrapbooking or craft supplies store)
  • White cardstock

For these cards, I used this gold washi tape. I got this set of gold tape rolls from Amazon but there are tons of options on Etsy, Pick Your Plum, and other craft sites. I just thought these were very festive.


Cut your piece of white cardstock paper in half.


Now cut those in half again, longways.


Apply a strip of your washi tape across the top.


Now cut that piece of taped paper in half.


Grab a corner chomper like this one. Even though a corner chomper like this one might seem pricey ($20ish), I have found it was worth the investment. I use this thing all the time!

But, you could get creative with this if you don’t want to buy something like this. You could use some decorative scissors to snip the edges off. IMG_6968

Chomp chomp.




Now make lots!



I even made some smaller versions to use as gift tags.


Make sure to check out our Family Christmas Devotional for other creative ways to celebrate the holiday season!

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