My Kids Refuse to Move Past “Sing the Bible” (+ Giveaway) {Expired}

Sing the Bible w/ Slugs and Bugs

Congrats to Lacey D, our winner!

Dear Parents of Preschool and Elementary Kids,

We all lament the long-gone care-free days of listening to whatever music we want in the car. I get it. Who doesn’t want to crank the Honda Odyssey stereo when Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” or when Extreme’s “More Than Words” comes on the radio? Hmm, thinking I just dated myself and revealed my somewhat embarrassing affinity for classic rock and/or 80’s power ballads. Can I get a shout out for Monster Ballads? Anyone? Bueller?

You know what I mean, though, right? My kids typically reject my musical selections through vehement protest (read: shouting from the back seat). Or the lyrics sometimes aren’t appropriate for young developing minds. See ya AC/DC.

Now that we’ve established the given. Let me tell you about some recent children’s music that passes muster with the entire family. My 7-year-old boy, 5-year-old girl, and 3-year-old son have been listening to Sing the Bible by Randall Goodgame in the car for over a month now. They refuse to move on from it.

Randall came to our church a few years ago and I blogged about his concert and music then. This guy is SUPER talented, down right clever, and just “gets” kids. In fact, if you work for a church, I’d highly suggest bringing him in for a Slugs and Bugs concert. Families loved it.


On his latest CD, Sing the Bible, Randall brings Bible verses, Bible stories, and even the names of the books of the Bible to life through creative, fun and incredibly varied melodies. His site aptly describes this album as a “unique blend of sincerity and silliness.”


Plus, there are a few bonuses on this CD, in my opinion. Bonus #1: Sally Lloyd-Jones, author of one of our favorite children’s Bibles and one of our favorite family devotionals, makes several hilarious cameo appearances. Bonus #2: It features the African Children’s Choir, who also came to our church a few years ago. Goosebumps, people. Goosebumps. These sweet kids have some serious talent.

Bottom Line: Our entire family loves listening to and singing Sing the Bible songs. God’s Word is sinking into their little hearts through excellent and at times downright silly music for the whole fam. Parents, you can’t go wrong with this CD.

You can purchase the CD here. Or enter our giveaway below to win a copy for you or a friend.

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  1. tammy cordery says

    sounds so cool.

  2. Lacey says

    This sounds perfect for my 4 little ones 🙂 They love music and dancing and I’m always looking for new good options to play for them since they’re all 3 and under!

  3. Megan Gillum says

    I joined your email list and am following you on Pinterest. This cd looks great! Always looking for new things to sing with the kiddos!

  4. T Bosch says

    I follow on pinterest

  5. Rita says

    Just subscribed. I would love to win the CD!

  6. Jessica says

    We love Slugs and Bugs! We have them all except this one! I just subscribed and became FB friends! 🙂

  7. Peter B says

    There is no age at which you will not enjoy this album. It goes from jaw-droppingly beautiful to hilarious and back without any warning.

  8. Karen says

    Yay! I just subscribed to the newsletter. I’ve been looking for some kid friendly music that wouldn’t make me cringe. This might be just the thing!

  9. Rachel says

    We miss you, too, Savanna! I think your toddler would love his music. It really does span the ages.

  10. savanna green says

    This sounds like something my 2 yr old would love! I miss The Crossing!! 🙂