The Oh-So-Average Snow Day

By Rachel Tiemeyer

Sometimes snow days look like this or this or this. But, let’s be honest, the majority of the time they don’t look like blog or Facebook pictures, do they? After the third impossibly cold snow day in a row and now a sick kid, here’s how today has unfolded…










There’s a story behind each picture, but I’m too tired to tell it and you probably know how it goes anyway. Well, it’s 4:17 and the sick 3-year-old is hunched over my iPhone. So I’m going to ignore the rest of the despicable house and curl up with my older two to read Little House on the Prairie for 20 minutes. Hoping that makes up for the rest of the chaotic day. 😉 I hope you enjoyed my oh-so-average snow day.

How is your day going so far??


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1 reply
  1. shannon {gidgets bookworms} says:

    🙂 love this post! Today it was me shoveling over 12 inches of snow so we can get out of the drive way tomorrow if they have school. So far we don’t know yet, however almost all the other schools are closed tomorrow.

    Hope your little one feels better soon.