Healthy Living Small Step #3: Ditch the Tupperware

By Polly Conner


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If I were to say, “The next step to healthy living is to ditch all the plastic you have in your kitchen,” my guess is you’d scoff a bit and click over to a different site that is a bit more realistic.

We’re only asking you take small steps here, right?

That is why we are focusing on tupperware containers. There are a few reasons I made the switch from plastic to glass, specifically with my tupperware. My two primary reasons for switching are these:

  • When plastic is exposed to heat (or warm foods), chemicals leach into your food. Since tupperware is where I dump my leftovers, I don’t want to worry about that.
  • Glass is much more durable and worth your money over the long run. Not to mention, much better for the environment.

I have a combination of pyrex dishes and Mighty Nest Dishes. I like them both but seem to prefer my Might Nest Dishes a tad more. Yes, I still have some plastic tupperware but I primarily use those when my other glass dishes are occupied.

If you’re just wanting to start slow, my personal recommendation would be the Round True Seal Dishes. I have these and use them ALL THE TIME. Mighty Nest food storage containers. Great start for switching from plastic to glass.

Another dish I have found myself using regularly is the rectangular glass baking dish. This would be another one to have in your pantry. Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 9.01.12 PM

I’ll be honest. I’m still in the process of moving away from plastic in other areas of my home. I recently bought my first glass water bottle and bought stainless steel kids utensils. I still have lots of other areas that need updating but I’m just taking baby steps. It isn’t cheap to move away from plastic either. However, I think that long-term I will be really glad we moved this direction.

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This collection of "10 small steps toward healthy living" is actually doable for your family! Just pick ONE to start your family on their way to a more natural, holistically healthy lifestyle.


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12 replies
  1. Becky says:

    Our family switched to glass a few years ago. It was my 85 yr Father who wanted to make the switch. We use mason jars and other jars as well. By the way I LOVE your Blog. It’s one of the highlights of my day, being able to sit and read your blog… Keep up the AWESOME BLOG.

  2. Sheryl Brock says:

    We started switching to glass storage containers a few years ago as well and I’m so glad we did for many reasons. I really appreciated this post and it got me thinking about all the plastic our little ones are putting in their mouths (pacifiers, sippys, spoons, etc.). Do you all have any thoughts or recommendations for kids products?

  3. Tara says:

    I made the switch 5-6 years ago. Love the Snapback glass lid sets from Costco. A great variety of sizes and they nest nicely in the cupboard. Love pyrex too. I sorted out and recycled most of my plastic/tupperware. I do have a dwindling supply at the back of a low cupboard that I pull out and use for sending home leftovers from parties/holiday gatherings. I make it clear I don’t want them back. LOL