Stuff We Love for Newborns


1. Infant Lounger

This was great to have around the house in those first few months. You can plop it down anywhere and it serves as a resting place for your little one.

2. Noise Machine:

We live in a one story house, on a busy street, with two dogs, and hardwood floors. Need I say more? This little gadget has keep my little one snoozing through many unexpected noises around our house. Now only if we could do something about those fire trucks!

3. Carters Socks:

My gal had a sock problem: they never stayed on! After lamenting to a friend of mine about our sock issue, she suggested buying these Carters socks. They worked great! Make sure they are in the ones where the top folds down. The others aren’t as good.

4. Moby Wrap

Snug as a bug in a rug! My gal loved being held close to mommy! This was sometimes the only way she would settle down. We kept the Mody Wrap close!

5. Fisher Price Cradle ‘n Swing

This swing saved my sanity.  Its side to side motion combined with a cozy, reclined seat made it one of the only places my daughter would nap well for the first 3 months of her life. It’s a bit of a space hog but totally worth it in my opinion.

6. Woombie: My husband and I would joke around about our newborn’s arms being “independently owned and operated.” Those flailing arms would often wake her up from naps or nigh time sleep. When we discovered the Woombie, this all changed. It zips up, rather than Velcro so those little arms can’t work their way out. It also keeps them snug but allows for a little stretching- similar to the womb I imagine. We used this like crazy for the first 3 months.

7. Snap and Go Stroller

This stroller is great for infants because it allows you to place an infant car seat on carriage frame without removing child. You don’t have to mess with seat belts or waking up a sleeping baby. Just snap them in and start running those errands! The basket underneath is super convenient as well. I currently keep my snap and go in the trunk of my car

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