That One Time I Won a $500 Noonday Shopping Spree

By Polly Conner

That one time I won a $500 Noonday Giveaway!I’m not really someone who enters into giveaways often. I do recognize the irony of the fact that I write for a blog that holds a few giveaways a year. I’m so thankful you guys enter them because if there were a bunch of Polly’s out there, our giveaways would be a total flop.

I’m working on it.

Anyway, I love supporting my momprenuer friends and their hard work so I set aside my jaded attitude towards giveaways and entered into a Noonday giveaway that my friend Sara had put together at her fall launch party. If you don’t know what Noonday is, you can read up on the company and the trunk show I hosted a while back.

I knew my chances were slim, but I was secretly really really hoping to win this one. Reason is, I love Noonday jewelry AND it was for over $500 worth of it. I mean, wow. Anyway, there were various ways to enter and I did as many as I could–of course trying to play it cool like I wasn’t trying TOO hard to get more entries. 

Sara did an excellent job building up anticipation of the giveaway announcement so I was keeping a close eye on Facebook the morning of but also fully prepared to deal with disappointment.

So here I am, nursing my 4 month old when I get a notification on Facebook from Sara. It said something along the lines of, “Polly, you are one lucky girl.”

I quickly fumbled over to her Facebook page and watched the video announcement of her daughter drawing a piece of paper out of a bowl and reading my name. MY NAME!

I squealed with excitement (accidentally startling my drowsy baby).

I didn’t waste much time on going on my shopping spree. Want to see what I got??

That one time I won a $500 Noonday Giveaway!

It was the most fun package I’ve gotten in the mail in a LONG time.

Anyway, you can hop over to the Noonday site and learn the story about how each of these pieces were made. Don’t forget, Christmas is around the corner! Even after this little shopping spree, I still have a few on my wish list…


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