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Today’s post is by Nina from Niloulu (one of our sponsors). I follow Nina’s fashion blog posts closely, because that girl has an eye for what looks good and shares about it in a way that makes me think, “Now, even I could pull that off!”. Polly and I are in love with Niloulu’s handmade and very affordable jewelry, as well. Poke around their Etsy shop for one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family. I think you’ll really like what you find! Now, onto some go-to fashion advice and an awesome giveaway…

brass chevron necklace There are a lot of issues that us women face on a daily basis, some more important than others. But one of the most important issues is looking put-together and still being comfortable. Okay, maybe there are more important things than that, but lets pretend for today that there aren’t and our main task is to look awesome.

One philosophy I have, is that you feel a lot better about the day if you dress nicely. It is similar to the idea that if you make your bed, you will feel more ready for the day. If you wear sweats all day and don’t brush your hair (Sadly this was me today) you aren’t going to do the best you can because you aren’t dressing for the occasion. On the contrary, if you dress as if you are going to go to get coffee with Taylor Swift at the trendiest coffee shop in New York City, then you are going to have a better outlook on life that day. Everything will seem more in your grasp. So even if the only plans you have all day are going grocery shopping and watching The Voice, it will seem more productive if you are dressed up. Trust me on this.

I will show you an easy way to achieve the feeling of being put together without all the effort and fuss. (Please don’t let the wrinkled clothes bother you… I just need a bigger closet so I can hang everything)

I call this the 3-Piece theory. (Does theory make it sound more academic? I was going for that.) Add a third piece to your outfit in order to make it complete. Typically, all this involves is adding a necklace or scarf. Easy and simple.

Here are the players:

So I tried to use things that most women have in their closet, or at least similar items.

Outfit 1:

Alright, so I’m assuming that you have a basic t-shirt and dark skinny jeans. (If you don’t have the skinny jeans, go get them right now. This is essential to your life.) It looks pretty boring by itself, but throw on a laid back pendant necklace and you instantly have an outfit. Add a blazer and you are ready to go out with your friends. tshirtandjeans

Outfit 2:

Take that t-shirt and put it with a mini-skirt. To add a little edge and make it look like you really know what you are doing, take a corner of your t-shirt and tuck it in to your skirt. They do this in a lot of J. Crew and Madewell catalogues, and they all look so effortlessly chic! We can too.

*10 points if you spot the cat tail*


Outfit 3:

Black and white striped dress. It doesn’t need to be striped, just have a dress that is versatile. A patterned dress will be more versatile than a solid one because it is easier to match and put it with lots of things. It is so easy to mix and match with one like this because you can put any color or necklace with it.


You can also dress it up or dress it down depending on the jewelry, jacket and shoes you wear with it. Also, if you have a striped dress, try a little pattern mixing–either with another pattern in the same colors, or put a floral scarf with it.


Outfit 4:

Chambray and skinny jeans. This is extremely comfortable and also very fashionable. It looks silly by itself, but put it with a necklace and cute flats, you have a grocery shopping ready outfit. Or you could put it with a cute blazer, a bright cardigan, or a large statement necklace. SO MANY THINGS!!


Wanna take this from the kitchen to a date? Put it with a mini….and maybe unbutton one button…BOOM. Are you amazed? Maybe not, but I think it’s pretty exciting.


Outfit 5:

At the office. If you have a professional job you most likely have a white blouse and a black pencil skirt. This definitely needs some styling, just sayin. Put it with the bright cardigan and a simple effortless pendant necklace and you have an updated wardrobe!


Also, if you are going out after work, stuff that mini in your purse and exchange your mini for the pencil skirt.


All you really need to complete an outfit is to add a third piece– a scarf, a necklace, a cardigan, a jacket, etc. Throw on a necklace or a scarf (or both) with your basic tee and put some cute flats with it. Try mixing and matching your wardrobe, maybe even with pieces you didn’t think could go together! No matter what your plans are for the day – errands, work, or a playdate – feeling put together will make you feel more productive and beautiful (Also, just in case you run into Taylor Swift…)

Thanks, Nina! Are you like me and drooling over that gorgeous Handmade Brass Chevron Necklace (a $28 value) that she had on in some of these shots? Well, we’ve got one to give away to one lucky reader. Enter and share below! The giveaway ends at 12:00 a.m. on November 23.

brass chevron necklace

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