The Action Bible: Almost 6-Year-Old Boy’s Review

By Rachel Tiemeyer

“Wow, Mom, I have to tell you how exciting that was! It was scary and exciting. It’s my favorite book.”

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My almost 6-year-old son ran down the stairs after “room time” to tell me the news. He was talking about The Action Bible on CD that he just received for Christmas.

My 4-year-old daughter and I listened earlier today to half of the Old Testament–mesmerized by the story–as we followed along in the book version. I told my son, “You’re going to love this!” But, he was suspect at the time. No more! He seriously reminded me of the boy in this trailer for The Action Bible.

I had a feeling this Bible would be popular among the young boy population in my house. I just wanted to follow up and say: The Action Bible is popular with several members and genders in our house!

If you want to get an idea of what one of the stories reads like, here is the story of Job called “God’s Wager”…

You can buy The Action Bible book or CD here or here.


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