The Question Game: Fun for Small Groups

By Rachel Tiemeyer

The Question Game: Fun Game for GroupsThe fun group game for couples that I posted not long ago for Christmas parties has been really popular. A friend asked me, though, if I had a game that can be played with couples and singles, though. Why, yes, yes I do!

The Question Game is another easy, get-to-know-you game that I’ve played with my extended family, with friends, and with high school kids. You can play it with kids and adults alike. And, it can be played for a short or long amount of time. As with the Rate Your Mate game, you’ll find yourself laughing a lot and learning things about others you may wish you didn’t know!

Here’s how you play it…

The Question Game

For: Ages 8 and up (must be able to read and write pretty well)

Number of Players: I’d say about 6-10 people is the ideal group size, but more or less will work.

Time Length: As short or as long as you like.


  • small pieces of scrap paper (about post-it size), enough for each person to have 10 or so depending on your group size
  • pens for each person

How to Play:

1. Gather your group in a circle and give each person several pieces of paper and a pen.

2. Have everyone write down and submit a get-to-know-you question in a pile in the center of the circle. Some examples:

  • My perfect Saturday would involve…
  • What would be your dream vacation?
  • If you could have any super hero power, what would it be and why?
  • What is one thing no one in this group knows about you?
  • For couples: Describe your first date together. (It’s hilarious to hear the varied accounts.)

3. For each round, one person is the Guesser. The Guesser draws a question from the pile and reads it to the group.

4. The rest of the group takes a minute or so to anonymously write down their answer, fold it up and hand it to the designated Reader. Note: The Reader is the person to the left of the Guesser. The Reader will submit an answer to the question, too.

5. The Reader reads all the answers aloud to the Guesser.

6. The Guesser then tries to figure out who wrote down each answer. The Reader can read the answers again, if needed. Wait until the Guesser has assigned each answer to a person in the group and then the group will reveal the true answers.

7. If you’d like to keep score, the Guesser can get a point for each correct guess.

8. For each new round, choose a new Guesser, new question from the pile and Reader. You can play until each person has been the Guesser or just until you’re tired of the game. It’s fun either way!

ht: I think my sister first taught me this game. She’s the game queen. Thanks sis!


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