Seeds Family Worship’s New Release (+ Giveaway of ALL 8 Seeds CDs!-EXPIRED)

Seeds Family Worship Word of God Album Revie

We have a winner–Courtney S.! But, please read on for my review of Seeds’ music and their newest album.

Friends, it hard for me to express in words how much Seeds Family Worship means to me, my family, and my church.

Their music has helped our family and our church experience God’s Word and worship Him for years through their well-crafted, creative, passionate, and encouraging songs. And, since the lyrics are taken directly from the Bible, many of the verses my kids and I have memorized are from Seeds songs. I have a hunch many of you could say the same thing.

A Little History

I was first introduced to Seeds about 10 years ago as the Children’s Ministry Director at our church. We have used their music during our children’s worship time, as well as in our classroom lessons for nearly a decade. Then, a few years ago, I met Jason Houser, the founder and producer of Seeds Family Worship when we brought him in for a family event. Let me tell you, this inspiring guy is sold out for the Seeds mission, which is to:

  • Help families experience God’s Word through music
  • Teach parents to lead family worship in their homes
  • Provide awesome resources for family discipleship

Our church has now hosted two Seeds Family Worship events that Jason led. He also taught an interactive parenting seminar for families, providing vision and practical advice to help them pass on their faith to their children.

Below are a few pics from our Easter Celebration a few years ago. The worship and teaching times were powerful, fun, and engaging for the entire family. In fact, our Family Events team plans to bring him in again for Easter this year.

I love how Jason involved children in our church in leading the motions from on stage. He has the unique ability to lead and draw in both kids and adults alike.

Can I tell you about one more AMAZING thing Seeds Family Worship has done for our church? We hired his team to write the theme song for our summer VBS, which was a superhero theme and all about how Jesus is our True Hero.

Seeds wrote, produced, and recorded the song “H.E.R.O.” for us, which was the perfect memory verse song for our week. And, get this…IT’S ON THEIR NEWEST ALBUM, The Word of God!  One more little fun fact: My 7-year-old son’s voice is the child reading our theme verse at the beginning of the song. Proud mama!

“The Word of God” Review

The Word of God is Seeds’ latest album. I have listened to every one one of their albums more times than I can count. While I’m a fan of all of them, may I be so bold as to tell you this is their best one yet!? The musical diversity, energy, and synergy they have going on this album is unmatched in my opinion. My appreciation for it only grows with each listen. My heart is drawn to the heart of God and his Word more and more through these songs.

Listen to part of it yourself…

Two Perks for You!

So…this whole long and sordid post is just a segue to tell you that Polly and I were PUMPED when Seeds became a sponsor of Thriving Home! That means two big perks for you, the reader:

1) You can purchase any and all of their albums at a 15% discount by using promo code “Thriving” when you check out. Just click the link below to get started.

2) You can win ALL of their albums by entering our giveaway below! What?!? Yes, they generously sent us all of their albums, including their newest one, The Word of God, for one lucky reader!

Enter or buy away with our collective four thumbs up!

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  1. Emily says

    I love to sing these songs with my kids during family worship.

  2. Christina A says

    Seeds Family Worship holds the mirror of God’s Word up to my face when I need it most; I am so thankful for how God has blessed them to write these melodies to praise Him and help His people!

  3. I have never heard one of these albums before but I have heard so much about the ministry! I believe music is one of the most powerful tools for hiding God’s Word in our hearts. I would absolutely love to share this gift with my little family!

  4. Rebecca says

    My children love music! And my husband is a new Christian so we are trying to introduce him to new music that is positive and uplifting. We have all begun to listen to music during the day together as a family. This music would be very positive and uplifting to help us all grow as a family in Christ!

  5. Kelly says

    Would love to win these!

  6. Joelle says

    I’ve heard great things about Seeds but don’t have any of the CDs!

  7. Maureen says

    We LOVE Seeds! My kids like the music and so do my husband and I. We have 2 of their CDs and would love to complete our set (and share with friends).

  8. Regan says

    I would love these for my family!

  9. Jodelle says

    Was so excited to see these being offered! Would love to win them for our whole family!

  10. Joy says

    I would love to win these for my boys!

  11. Christy S says

    I have two albums and love how they not only appeal to my kids, but they help ME memorize Scripture too. Would love to win this!

  12. Elizabeth Beaugh says

    thanks for giving away great music that my whole family can enjoy

  13. Abby Millar says

    We listen to Seeds nearly every day. First thing in the morning to get the day going, while we’re working on a meal or project in the kitchen, or to reset when things get a little crazy. 🙂 Love the way music helps hideaway scripture in our hearts!

  14. Savannah says

    great cd’s!

  15. Katherine says

    My family needs Gods word planted in their hearts. We are low on money and only have a few kids worship cds. My daughter’s 2nd Birthday is in a couple weeks and this would be so great since she has started singing in the last few weeks!:o)

  16. Kristy says

    Would love to win and immerse my kids in God’s Word!

  17. Eliz says

    My 3 year old son is really starting to get into music. He loves jazz, worship, gospel, soul, hip hop, classical…and I’d love to expose him to quality music based in the scriptures. We love Mars Hill music and traditional hymns with a modern spin, but always on the hunt for more.

  18. Kyla says

    I would use these with the family and share at church!

  19. Shonda says

    First to use with my kids and also to give as gifts.

  20. Kay Alexander says

    We only have one CD but I find myself singing these scriptures all the time, would love to win these for my three little boys!

  21. Bethany says

    This is great!!! Love worship

  22. Teresa says

    Excited for the new CD!

  23. Shelly Rogers says

    I am looking for an organized, multisensory way for my kids to learn God’s Word!

  24. Jennifer says

    We pray every night for our boy to become an apologist, because we know that his ability to walk in the world and still be set apart is dependent upon his ability to defend his beliefs and always be prepared to give a reason for the faith that he has. That is why hiding God’s word in our hearts is so important to our family. We are so thrilled when we find a Seeds Family Worship recording of our weekly Bible verses. Our boy’s current favorite is “Go!, ” particularly the animated Youtube version.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity to win the entire collection! Bless you!

  25. Liz Eck says

    My daughter loves music and these songs make it so appealing and easy for her to learn scripture!

  26. Shandi says

    I would love the chance to win…thank you!

  27. anna says

    i would love these for my kiddos!

  28. Danielle says

    Thanks for loving & supporting families at Thriving Home & Seeds…amazing blessings
    you are ! ! !

  29. Nicole Summerall says

    LOVE seeds. We just introduced these to a new friend. I’d love to share these with her and her kiddos!

  30. Melissa says

    I’d love to have more verses to music for my family to learn.

  31. Heidi says

    I’m excited about these!

  32. Ellen says

    My new friend had just mentioned these CD’s to me just last week. I am super excited to read this post today. Thank you. I was very interested in purchasing the CD’s once the budget allowed and would be blessed to receive them for free. Thank you for this opportunity.

  33. Erika Soloj says

    I first of Seeds Worship at a Hearts at Home conference many years ago. Love it!

  34. Laura Pinkstaff says

    Oh how amazing it would be to see my kids have so much Scripture hidden in their hearts, not to mention the dancing potential if we had all the albums!!!

  35. Tracey says

    We absolutely love seeds of worship!!

  36. Lacey says

    I am so excited to see this giveaway! I have been listening to their music on their website when I’m feeling stressed out. i love them and have been praying for a way to buy all their cds for our family. The kids love to dance to the music. What a blessing! Thankyou for the opportunity to win them!

  37. melissa says

    I’m a mom to 7 children 5 through adoption and bringing home three more very soon. I’ve found music to be a great way for kids to learn English and what sweeter way than learning scripture. I wish there were more ways for me to enter but I’m not on twitter or Facebook and I don’t blog. Plus I’m writing at 3:50 am doesn’t that count for extra credit:)

  38. Christina Kingsley says

    I just learned about seeds and I want to help my young family learn the word of God more.

  39. Libby says

    Our family is hooked on God’s Word through Seeds Family Worship! I find myself meditating on God’s Word day and night, literally waking in the middle of the night with a song/verse in my head, heart, and lips. Even my 1, 3, and 4 year olds are quoting scripture. It’s an amazing tool! I can’t say enough good about it! Thank you Rachel and Polly for promoting Seeds as I believe every thriving home is not complete without it! I’m so excited to hear their new album even though their old stuff never gets old.

  40. Amanda says

    I would LOVE to win all of the Seeds cds for our van rides everyday! It amazes me how well my three year old has the ability to memorize songs and verses and I would love to have more options for the van and our home that I actually enjoy listening to as well!

  41. kimberly says

    I have heard SOOOO many wonderful things about this guy and his worship CD’s! Would love to have this to share with my church and all who will listen….
    God bless and thanks for this blog!

  42. Lori says

    I would share these with our children’s church team as well as my 4 precious grandchildren!

  43. Tara says

    As a homeschooling mom I’ve looked for ways to infuse our days and time in the car with scripture. For my young ones we’ve loved Steve Green’s Hide ’em In Your Heart albums. The kids have them all memorized. I think the seeds albums would be great for a new batch of scripture as well as a new style for them to enjoy. Would love to own these and probably will even if I don’t win. 🙂

  44. Christine says

    I love songs that use bible lyrics. If this is anything like the Bugs and Slugs cd I want it!

  45. holli says

    I want this one so bad!!!

  46. Kibbie says

    I would love to win these for my kids!

  47. Heather N. says

    I’ve heard such great things about Seeds and would love to have the set to worship and memorize scriptures in a fun way with my littles!

  48. Khrystle says

    Love your blog! I am a new reader. I really hope to win these!

  49. Melissa F says

    I want to win so I can share the CDs in have and enjoy with my children the ones I don’t have 🙂 I love Seeds!

  50. I found out about these CDs through Thriving Home not too long ago and my hubby were going to buy one, and of course forgot. We’ve been wanting to hide Scripture in our hearts (and our kids) and felt this would be a great support to that. I hope we win! We’re planting a church next year in San Diego and we’re trying to prepare ourselves for this new journey by keeping God’s truth in the forefront of our minds.

  51. Betsey says

    we love seeds family worship. It’s all we listen to when we’re driving and we use them for school.

  52. Angel says

    I would love to share these with my children

  53. I have 7 grandchildren and even though they live in other states now, almost all of them have listened to and enjoyed several of the Seeds CDs.

  54. Katrina Young says

    This is so great!! I have a 6 month old that has totally gotten in to music the last month or so. We’ve run the Veggie Tales album a ton! Would love to get some more entertaining music for her that also speaks God’s truth. What a blessing for the entire family!

  55. Katrina says

    We have some of these albums, and they are a great way to get the Word into our minds and hearts. I’d love to have these to share!

  56. Kim says

    CDs for bedtime and in the van!!!

  57. Laura Syvertsen says

    I had one seeds cd a few years ago when we were missionaries and we hung on every word! I still remember the words to the songs and so do my kids. Would love to get back into the seeds groove again!

  58. Cassie shepardson says

    The cds sound amazing! Would love to incorporate them in my childrens memorization learning!

  59. kate Winnegrad says

    I’m so excited about this giveaway!! My kids love this stuff!!

  60. Angela Peterson says

    I would love to donate a set to my church’s library!

  61. Courtney Sexton says

    We have been looking for a great way to incorporate worship in our daily routine. This would be awesome!!

  62. Christina says

    My sister in law introduced us to seeds a few years ago, and my daughter still listens to them nearly every night to sleep to! I love how they include an extra copy to give away with their CDs. True to their mission!

  63. Devin says

    Ahhh!!! We LOVE the Seeds CDs (courage & praise) that we own, and the fact that they include a CD to share is amazing. Not only have my children memorized the words to the songs, it has increased my scripture memorization as well! We would have some new music for the car, CDs to share, and 2 whole sets to give away (the two that we already own). So much to enjoy, so much to give!

  64. Kendal Barriere says

    I have heard great things about these songs, especially to use with my kids.

  65. Amy Vredevoogd says

    We are big Seeds fans in our home, from the songs to the packaging allowing us to give away CDs to plant seeds in others’ lives.
    Great for all ages!

  66. Diane Bare says

    I would love to share these with my AHG troop!

  67. Josh says

    Love this review!