Trash to Treasure: Readers’ DIY Makeovers

By Rachel Tiemeyer

Today’s post is all about YOU. Several of you–some very talented and thrifty readers–responded to our Facebook call for before and after pictures of “Trash to Treasure” projects (aka T2T). You won’t believe how these women have transformed what I (not Polly, of course!) would have sold or donated long ago. Take a second look at that old wall-hanging or inherited piece of furniture sitting in your storage. Maybe you could do something like these readers have done…

T2T #1: Love Seat

From Ruth Ellen: “When my husband and I were moving from our loft, we found this love seat sitting beside the dumpster.  We knew it was a great find and had wonderful potential!  We kept it on a covered porch at our new patio home just in case it had some unwanted inhabitants. i.e. roaches, lice, bed bugs! The first thing we did was scout for a reasonable upholsterer.  Having found one through a friend, we took pictures of the love seat and sent them to the upholsterer.  Not only for an estimate, but also so he could see how the original upholstery was done. We removed the upholstery, lightly sanded the wood and spray painted it glossy black.  We delivered the love seat to the upholsterer and in 10 days we had this finished treasure. Final cost (not including fabric) was $300 with all new padding.  We think $300 for this trash to treasure piece was worth every penny.  I only wish I had the talent to upholster!

T2T #2: Football Desk

From Nicole: “$35 desk from a thrift store. Perfect size for a kids room and real wood. Just needed a little love (and orange paint and football knobs too of course).”

T2T #3: Canvas Picture

From Allison: “Here’s one of my fave before and after DIYs. I just painted over the canvas and glued on felt flowers.

T2T #4: TV Stand

From Jamie: “Bought this dresser at Goodwill and turned it into an awesome (in my opinion) tv stand! Dresser was $30. Paid $20 for all the new knobs. The paint was $8, it was in the clearance section…and I’ve used it to paint an end table and coffee table to match, and I still have plenty left!”

T2T #5: Storage Unit/Buffet

Another from Nicole: “I needed a piece of furniture for my dinning room to hold some of my husbands office supplies (b/c “dinning room” is actually “office” in our house). It had to have enclosed space and drawers and be a certain size to fit our small space…My hunt led me to the Midway antique mall…Buried under a bunch of stuff I found this piece on sale. It was gold and had lovely bird detailing-which i knew I could paint right over. Picture above is after sanding started. Sanding, painting, a browning “wash”, and new knobs and my new fav piece was born.”

Have a Trash to Treasure project to share with us? We’d love to feature you on our FB page or blog. Send us a before and after pic, as well as a short paragraph about your project. It’s fun to hear about how you found it, how much you spent and what you did to your “trash” to make it a “treasure.” Email us at thrivinghome (at) gmail (dot) com.


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