An Easy Way to Update a Sliding Door Blind

By Polly Conner
March 10, 2014

updating sliding door blinds

Here is an easy update I made on our home that has made a HUGE difference.

In the big downstairs room, we have sliding doors that walk out to our back yard. While I love this about our home I did NOT love the plastic panel blinds that dated the room. These panels wouldn’t have lasted long with my little ones anyway. Their clanking noises and movable parts are way too much fun for little hands. They had to go. Pronto.

sliding door blinds need update

Pretty aren’t they?

update sliding door blind

To update these blinds I simply removed them from the wall and replaced it with a large curtain rod. I mounted the curtain rod a little over 6 inches away from the door frame in order to give the curtains room  to slide out of the way.

Next, the key is to use curtains that will slide back and forth easily. As you can see in the picture below, I used the curtains from my old living room that had grommets. I’d highly recommend getting this style if you are going to use them for this purpose. You want something that can be pushed out of the way easily.

updating panel curtain

Isn’t it so much better?!

updated sliding door blind

I also don’t feel like we lost any privacy by removing them. The curtains easily close and block out light or any curious neighbors.

updating panel door shade

Pretty easy update, huh?

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14 replies
  1. Christine Turner says:

    So glad I can across this when I searched on Pinterest for help with curtains for French doors. I have them in my bedroom and currently there is the plastic panel blinds that I also dislike so I am going to do what you did and put up a nice curtain rod and curtains. 🙂 thanks

  2. Sarah says:

    So, I came across this today and am so happy. We have 4, yes 4!! sliding glass doors in our new home which all have vertical blinds – Yuck!!

  3. Megan says:

    Hi Polly!

    I love this idea! What length are these curtains? Whenever I search for floor-length curtains, they always show them gathered at the floor, which is beautiful but not what I’m wanting. I love how these are the perfect length!

  4. Kathleen says:

    Hi Polly, LOVE the sliding glass door makeover! Can you please tell us where you bought the curtains? We are desperately in need of the same makeover… ours are much worse than yours were! Thank you very much, Kathleen

  5. Hedda (Rachel's friend) says:

    Ha! I did the exact same thing about 6 months ago, AND I have the exact same curtains (but the blue/grayish kind, as opposed to brown swirls).
    And I think we did the exact same make over with our kitchens too. We have great taste! haha