Bible Learning Cards

By Polly Conner

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 7.56.59 PMWe are all about getting the word out there about toys, products, websites and music that we love. A product that I recently stumbled across (well, actually it was sent to me to try out) was a set of these Bible Learning Cards made by Words2Remember4Kids. No, I’m not getting paid a penny to tell you that we have really liked these cards. They are so fun and easy to use with my preschooler. There are different sets based on age so if you have a kid under 13, listen up!

Before I jump into why I like these Bible learning cards, let me share a bit about what they actually are:

bible verse cards

There are three different sets of these cards:

  1. Preschool Bible Learning Cards (ages 0-5)
  2. Children Bible Learning Cards (ages 4-11)
  3. Courage and Comfort Bible Learning Cards (ages 6-13)

They primarily serve as a starting point for conversations with your kiddos. Here is a little more about the actual cards:

  • Topical Color coded to find verses on learning, loving, growing and playing.
  • 20 different cards, Bible verses and discussion starters, durable and washable.
  • Comes with child safe ring and holes punched in cards to keep them connected out of the box.
  • Size of cards – 5″ by 7″

TScreen Shot 2014-09-02 at 7.56.43 PMhe pack that we have been using at meal times is the one for preschoolers. My gal has really liked them. She is at an age where an illustration is really important. The fact that most of the images are of animals really draws her in. We simply talk about what is happening in the picture, read the verse that goes with it and have a small follow-up chat asking any questions or clarifying anything. That’s it!

There have been countless times that I’ve found my preschooler independently flipping through the cards and studying the pictures. She’s starting to learn the stories behind the illustrations and be able to talk about them more in depth. It’s been fun to see!

Lastly, I appreciate that the cards are made with quality, slick paper that doesn’t soak up food or drink. Since we use ours at meal time this is a must if they are going to last!verse cards2verse cards Even though I’ve primarily used mine at meal times, Rachel has been using her cards in the car on the way to school. They serve as a great routine for that morning car ride and provide a starting point for a quality discussion (or as quality as you can get with three kids in the car).

Swing by the Words2Remember4Kids site and check out the cards for yourself. If you don’t have kiddos, these would be a thoughtful gift idea! Anyway, check them out. We give our stamp of approval!

preschool cards


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