Want to Know Where We Bought the Best Mini Cupcakes Ever?

By Rachel Tiemeyer

This post is written in partnership with the Hy-Vee stores in Columbia, MO, who helped provide delicious food for our launch party and continue to be cheerleaders for our cookbook and our blog. Thankful to have some great local Hy-Vee people on our side!

Polly and I threw a big bash in late September with 180 of our closest friends and relatives (see pics here). The reason? To celebrate the launch of our first cookbook into the world. Think of it like a big “baby” shower.

What does every good shower need? Why, cupcakes of course. One of the biggest hits of the party was the mini gourmet cupcakes from our local Hy-Vee bakery. At only $1.50/cupcake (cheaper if you buy in bulk), these small, moist, flavor-packed desserts were the hit of the party.

It was hard to chose from the multitude of flavors available, but we went with Red Velvet, White Almond Wedding Cake, Chocolate Addiction, and Raspberry Lace. By far the most popular were the chocolate ones. My favorites were the Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting.

Got a party coming up soon? Here’s my suggestion. Skip the baking and mess and pick up some Mini Gourmet Cupcakes at Hy-Vee. Your guests will thank you. 😉


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