Taco Bar


Reasons to Make a Taco Bar

1. It’s easy to make. 2. It’s a great meal to feed a group of people. 3. A Taco Bar is cheap! 4. It works as a make-ahead meal. 5. It’s freezer-friendly!

Using our taco seasoning recipe, brown up 2 lbs of ground beef.


Gather Taco Bar ingredients and set out in an assembly line. 


Ideas of what to serve at your taco bar:

Taco meat  Taco shells  Lettuce Diced tomatoes Diced red onion  Shredded cheese Avocados Salsa Cilantro Lime wedges Black beans Sour cream

Make your dream taco and enjoy!


Cook the taco meat and let cool. Place in a freezer friendly container. Freeze along with shedded cheese and tortillas!

Make it a Freezer Meal!