Weekly Menu Plan + Top 5 Stock Up and Save (9.10.18)

Welcome back to another weekly menu plan. Each week we offer these free menu plans for you, our readers. Not only do we offer a menu plan each week, but it is a menu plan full of real food, freezer friendly menu ideas so you can feed your family AND fill your freezer. Every night this week has a Freezer Friendly recipe. Pick one (or two nights) and double a recipe. You’ll be so glad you did. And hey, want some more ideas for freezer friendly recipes? Check out our Top 10 Favorite Freezer Friendly Recipes.


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Sponsored by Hy-Vee (Columbia)

Tips for Using Our Plan:

Pick and Choose: Just by having a simple plan in place before the week begins, you’ll be saving money and time. Pick and choose what meals work best for your family from our list and include in your own plan.

Double and Freeze: Every week you’ll see “FF (meaning freezer-friendly) next to several recipes in the menu. Simply double and freeze one batch for another dinner later. Read Freezer Cooking 101 to learn more.

Plan Around the Sales at Hy-Vee: Our menu plans are sponsored by Hy-Vee (Columbia) and are focused around their sale items to help our local readers save money. You’ll find a grocery list of sale items that are included in the recipes under each day.

Stock Up and Save: Scroll to the bottom to discover our pick’s for “Hy-Vee’s Top 5 Real Food Deals” of the week. Stock up, store, and then use these later using our suggestions.

Vegetarian Tortilla Soup - A 10 minute one pot wonder!

  • Mandarins

Hy-Vee Sale Items : (through 9/11/18)

  • 2 for $4 Swanson Broth or Stock select varieties, 32 fl. oz.
  • 49¢ Mrs. Grimes Beans select varieties, limit 4 total, 15 or 15.5 oz.
  • 98¢ Hunt’s Tomatoes select varieties, everyday low price, 14.5 oz.
  • $1.28 Chi Chi’s Diced Green Chilies 4.25 oz.
  • 98¢ Del Monte Vegetables select varieties, everyday low price, 11 to 15.25 oz.
  • 3 for $5 Uncle Ben’s Rice or Flavored Grains select varieties, 6 to 8.8 oz.
  • 2 for $5 Pace Salsa, Picante Sauce or Taco Complete Filling select varieties, 13.5 to 16 oz.
  • 2 for $4 Hy-Vee Natural Cheese select varieties, 8 oz. bar
  • $5.99 Mandarins 3 lb. pkg.


Simple Baked Chicken Parmesan - An easy, healthy and delicious recipe, perfect for any beginner cook.

Huge roundup of homemade salad dressings. Keeping this handy for sure!!

Hy-Vee Sale Items : (through 9/11/18)

  • $4.98 per pound Hy-Vee True Chicken Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, lb.
  • $4.99 Don Pomodoro Pasta Sauce select varieties, 14 or 24.3 oz.earn 2¢ off per gallon w/purchase
  • 2 for $4 Hy-Vee Natural Cheese select varieties, 8 oz. bar
  • $1.29 per pound Midwest-Grown Acorn, Butternut, Buttercup or Spaghetti Squash, lb.
  • 99¢ Dole Green Leaf, Red Leaf or Romaine Lettuce each

how to cook bacon

  • Peaches

Hy-Vee Sale Items :  (through 9/11/18)

  • 99¢ Hy-Vee Oats quick or old fashioned, 18 oz.
  • $5.99 Full Circle Market Organic Butter salted or unsalted, 16 oz.
  • $3.69 Organic Hy-Vee HealthMarket Large Eggs 12 ct.
  • $3.99 Hy-Vee Bacon select varieties, 12 or 16 oz.

  • Steamed Peas
  • Honeycrisp Apples

Hy-Vee Sale Items: (through 9/11/18)

  • $5.99 Full Circle Market Organic Butter salted or unsalted, 16 oz.
  • 68¢ per pound Jumbo White or Yellow Onions lb.
  • 2 for $3 Grimmway Farms Baby Carrots 1 lb. pkg.
  • 2 for $5 Dole Celery Hearts 2 ct.
  • $1.28 per pound Hy-Vee Fresh Whole Chicken or Leg Quarters 100% natural, lb.
  • 2 for $4 Swanson Broth or Stock select varieties, 32 fl. oz.
  • 10 for $10 Hy-Vee Heavy Whipping Cream or Half & Half 8 or 16 fl. oz.
  • $2.29 Hy-Vee Rolled Pie Crusts select varieties, 2 ct., 15 oz.
  • $3.69 Organic Hy-Vee HealthMarket Large Eggs 12 ct.
  • $1.99 Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetables select varieties, 9.5 to 16 oz.
  • $1.88 per pound First of the Season Honeycrisp Apples from Washington, lb.

Mini Italian Burgers

  • Steamed Broccoli
  • Black Seedless Grapes

Hy-Vee Sale Items: (through 9/11/18)

  • $6.99 Organic Hy-Vee True Ground Beef 85% lean, 15% fat, 16 oz. pkg.
  • 2 for $1 Green Onions, Cilantro or Parsley each
  • 49¢ Hunt’s Tomato Sauce select varieties, everyday low price, 8 oz.
  • 2 for $4 Hy-Vee Natural Cheese select varieties, 8 oz. bar
  • $2.68 Dole Broccoli each
  • $2.88 per pound Sun World Midnight Black Seedless Grapes lb.

  • Pears

Hy-Vee Sale Items: (through 9/11/18)

  • $5.99 Bertolli Olive Oil select varieties, 16.9 fl. oz.
  • 2 for $6 Honeysuckle White Regular or Italian Fresh Ground Turkey, select varieties, 1 or 1.2 lb.earn 6¢ a gallon w/purchase of 2, save 3¢ a gallon w/each item purchased
  • 68¢ per pound Jumbo White or Yellow Onions lb.
  • $4.99 Don Pomodoro Pasta Sauce select varieties, 14 or 24.3 oz.earn 2¢ off per gallon w/purchase

Shopping for “real food” in bulk and utilizing the freezer or pantry for storage is another super smart way to save money and eat healthier! Simply fill your cart with these Top 5 “Stock Up & Save” Deals from Hy-Vee while the price is hot, then storeand use later. We’ve even given you ideas of how to store and use each of them.

1. Mrs. Grimes Beans select varieties, limit 4 total, 15 or 15.5 oz. (sale ends 9/11/2018)

2. Hy-Vee Bacon select varieties, 12 or 16 oz. (sale ends 9/11/2018)

3. Bone In Pork Shoulder Roast Hormel Always Tender, lb. (sale ends 9/11/2018)

4. Swanson Broth or Stock select varieties, 32 fl. oz. (sale ends 9/11/2018)

5. Red or Yellow Peppers each (sale ends 9/11/2018)

Online Shopping feature!Save time and hassle by ordering your groceries online from any Hy-Vee of Columbia. If you spend $100, delivery is FREE!! (What!?) If not, it’s only $4.95 for delivery or $2.95 to pick up! (What!?) Listen to Polly explain how she uses it to save time and money…


For a step-by-step tutorial, read Polly’s post about using Hy-Vee’s Aisles Online. It’s so easy!

Here’s an easy way to get started on saving money and eating healthier–download our free printable menu planner!

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