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  • Printable weekly menu planner | Thriving Home

    Printable Menu Planner (Updated!)

    Meal planning is the bomb. Seriously. My home would not function without it. Well, it would but it would be full of wasted food, a stressed out mom around 5:00, and a tighter budget. I’m a big fan of the menu plan. A few years ago, I created a printable menu plan that we’ve been …Read More

  • Printable Freezer Meal Labels

    “What is this freezer meal again?” “I can’t remember how long I cook this…” “Was it 350° or 375°?” When you begin to stock up on freezer meals, you’ll find yourself asking questions like these. While it’s a great thing to have a freezer stocked with healthy meals, it’s not so great if you can’t …Read More

  • Please knock sign

    Free Printable: Please Knock Sign

    I’d put good money on a bet that the contractor who designed our home did not have kids. Want to know how I know this? The doorbell is placed in the same hallway as the kids’ bedrooms. When someone rings our doorbell, it is louder in the bedrooms than it is in the living room …Read More

  • Gift Idea: Granola with Free Printable Recipe Card

    A sweet friend of mine got married last weekend. I wanted to do something special for her and came up with this idea. I made a batch of homemade granola, put it in a large mason jar and attached the recipe to it. I thought it would be a good wedding day gift. It’s a …Read More