Does Having a Loving Family Give a Child an Unfair Advantage?

Article: Does Having a Loving Family Give a Child an Unfair Advantage?

Guest post by Keith Simon, our friend and pastor at The Crossing, as well as, father of four children. This post was originally posted at Every Square Inch.

Inequality is in the news. There’s economic inequality (1% vs. 99%), racial inequality (see Ferguson and Baltimore), and educational inequality (all schools are not created the same) to name just a few of the ways that some people are disadvantaged compared to others. Politicians are promising to make the 2016 presidential race a referendum on solving these inequalities.

In light of inequality’s time in the spotlight, here’s an interesting question. Which gives kids a greater advantage: an elite education or parents consistently reading them a bedtime story?

The Best Everyday Smoothie

Here it is. Many, many friends have asked me for my husband’s secret smoothie recipe over the years. And today is the day we’ve all a few of us have been waiting for…

The Best Everyday Smoothie Ever - Our family never gets tired of this delicious combination of juice, milk, fresh spinach, and tons of fruit.

“Hey Nathan, can you get up and make your smoothie?”

My husband peered at me through one open eye. “It’s Saturday morning, Rach.”

“Yeah, but you’re a dad, remember? Everybody knows you can’t sleep past 8.”

“Uhhhh,” he moaned, as he threw a pillow over his head.

“Nevermind. I’ll go try to make your smoothie. I want to get some pics before the lighting changes outside.”

20 minutes later…

Muted mockery covered his face and a quiet chuckle escaped as my bed-headed husband took one look at my attempt at his Everyday Smoothie.

“What are you laughing at?!” I demanded.


“What about me?”

“You and your puke, purple-beige smoothie attempt.”

(I don’t know…what do you guys think? My smoothie on your left or his on your right?)

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