Frozen Food Safety Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know?

Food safety quiz

Polly and I are hard at work on our first e-book that will be filled with all our favorite, well-tested, and updated freezer meal recipes. In preparation, I’ve been doing a little research, including exactly what the USDA has to say about the safety of freezer cooking.

I have to admit…I was surprised by some of the information I found, even though I’ve been in a Freezer Club for years! So, I thought it might be helpful and fun to offer you a quick quiz. Let us know how you do!


1. Which food items DO NOT freeze safely?

a. eggs

b. tomatoes

c. canned food

d. mayonnaise


2. True or False? Frozen food can remain safely frozen indefinitely.


3. True or False? Freezing destroys bacteria and parasites.


4. True or False? The freezing process itself does not destroy nutrients.


5. True or False? It is safe to freeze meat or poultry directly in its original packaging.


6. Can you name the only three safe methods for thawing frozen food?


7. True or False? Once a food has been frozen and thawed, you cannot freeze it again.


8. How much longer does it take to cook raw or cooked meat, poultry or casseroles from a frozen state than from their fresh state?

a. twice as long

b. two times longer

c. one and a half times longer


Ready to see how you did???

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10 Easy Recipes for the Beginner Cook

10 recipes for the beginner cookWe all had to start somewhere.

When young gals tell me they have no idea how to cook, my advice to them is, “Take one recipe at a time.”

Aside from a few basics I learned from my parents, that is how I learned. I still remember making my first pork tenderloin about 5 years ago and feeling incredibly accomplished. I had never seared anything before OR used a meat thermometer so these new tasks were a bit scary but empowering once I figured them out.

The great thing about cooking is that for the most part, if you can follow directions, you can cook!

This post is for the peeps out there who just need some starter recipes. These are a collection of simple recipes that will make you look and feel like a skilled chef or baker. I’ve scoured our Recipe Index for the simple-yet-delicious recipes for the new cook to try out.

If you’re seasoned in the kitchen (no pun intended), pass this post on to the person in your life that has declared they can’t cook. Pass it on to the college student or the newly wed who has all new kitchen gadgets but no idea how to use them. Hopefully it will empower some self-declared non-cooks out there!

10 Recipes for the Beginning Cook

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Autumn Chowder: Comfort in a Bowl

Autumn Chowder Soup recipe

Done. I will be making Autumn Chowder every fall from here on out.

My friend Jeannette has been singing the praises of this soup for quite some time, but I didn’t believe her until I tried it for myself last week. Autumn Chowder is full of vegetables, yet has a creamy, richness thanks to a bit of crispy bacon, milk, and freshly shredded cheddar. My husband and two of the three kids gave it a thumbs up. The picky eater enjoyed the potatoes in it, though. :)

autumn chowder recipe

Would I eat like this at every meal? Well, no. But, I am definitely going to put this one in “my recipe pipe and smoke it” a few times a year. This would make for a great soup to entertain with or to take as a meal to someone in need, too!

And don’t forget, you can freeze soups like this one. My Freezer Club has made Potato Soup and Corn Chowder into freezer meals many times, and it really does keep and rewarm well! So, if you don’t eat all of this at one sitting, freeze half of it for another meal on another night. I included freezer meal instructions below.

Happy Fall y’all…

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