• The One Where I Admit I Can’t Do It All

    by Rachel on July 29, 2014

    rachel's familyI’ve been struggling with headaches for two years now–ever since I was done nursing my my last child. They seem to have gotten more frequent–about once a week I end up in bed.

    I’ve linked them to lack of sleep, sitting at my computer/behind the wheel, lifting kids, and stress in general, at various times. Sounds like every mom I know, right? I’ve tried all kinds of remedies. Nothing has definitively worked; some have helped minimally.

    This post is not to complain or have you feel sorry for me or to help me fix my headaches. The only reason I share this is that my headaches have served an important roll in my life lately. They’ve pointed me to an issue that keeps coming up over and over. God seems to use difficult or just annoying things in our lives to do that, doesn’t he? [click to continue…]


    How to Get a Hummingbird Out of a Garage

    by Rachel on July 28, 2014

    How to Get a Hummingbird Out of a Garage

    Guest post and photography by my daddy, Curt. He also shared this post a while back.

    Every summer a strange phenomenon takes place in many American garages:  Hummingbirds fly in, but they don’t fly out.  They will stay in there, with the door wide open, until they keel over dead.  Weird, right?  Here’s why it happens, and how to get a hummingbird out of a garage. Time to convince your family you are a “hummingbird whisperer.” [click to continue…]

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    Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

    by Polly on July 25, 2014

    bacon wrapped green beans

    I dare you to try this bacon wrapped green bean recipe on your bean hater. I dare you.

    I took the dare and I now have a transformed husband who looks forward to his green beans. Not to mention my 1 and 3 year old who eat them up as fast as the other food on their plate. I also love this recipe because it looks super fancy when in reality it takes very little skill to assemble.

    Want to take the dare? [click to continue…]

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    Quick Fix Vanilla Latte

    I never thought I’d stoop so low.

    You see I used to be a bit of a coffee snob. I spent about 10 minutes each morning carefully grinding my beans from a local coffee shop. I then used filtered water and my freshly ground beans in my percolator, which is a bit of a pain to set up and clean.  But it makes delicious-tasting coffee in my opinion.

    Then, I had my third child a few years ago. My morning cup (actually 2-3 cups) of coffee became more mandatory than ever before, yet I had much less time to prepare it. Here’s where my coffee humiliation enters…

    I…I…confess that I drink leftover coffee that’s still in my now drip coffee machine (see ya percolator) from the day before. I even warm it up in the microwave. It’s tastes horrid really.

    So, I devised a quick fix for my cup of joe that is akin to slapping on make-up after a bad night of sleep. And, it actually works as an emergency plan these days. I call it my Quick Fix Vanilla Latte. Of course it’s best with freshly ground and brewed coffee. That part’s up to you. But, here’s my “recipe”. [click to continue…]

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    How to Easily Update an Oak Mantel

    by Polly on July 22, 2014

    update oak mantel

    Another victory against the oak monster infesting our home has been won. I found an easy way to update our living room mantel and couldn’t be happier with the results.

    If you’ve been following along for a while you know that my husband and I have been taking on projects left and right in order to update our new home. (Here are some before and after pictures if you’re interested). It’s been a fun learning curve for sure but I am loving the new look of things. One thing that particularly aged our home was the amount of light oak everywhere. Kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, hand rails and of course our mantel.

    Oak oak oak.

    Once upon a time oak was all the rage. Now it’s the source of rage for interior decorators or DIY updaters like myself. Oak is hard to update because like we learned when updating our kitchen cabinets, it takes a ton of work to cover up.

    My solution: [click to continue…]

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    How to Freeze and Save Garden Zucchini

    by Polly on July 21, 2014

    how to freeze zucchini

    I have NEVER had such a great zucchini harvest. It seems like every time I go down to my garden, there are huge zucchinis waiting for me. I have zucchinis in all shapes and sizes and hardly know what to do with them. Here is a snapshot from Thriving Home’s Instagram of me and this MONGO zucchini I just picked. [click to continue…]

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