Who Are We?

Hi there! Our names are Polly Conner (left) and Rachel Tiemeyer (right). We began Thriving Home in 2012 and are authors of From Freezer to Table and From Freezer to Cooker. We were recently featured on the Hallmark Channel and in People Magazine, if you want to see us in action.

True story: Over a decade ago, we were both new moms who fed our families junk food and floundered in the kitchen. For Rachel, her very sick toddler who was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, along with being in a Freezer Club with friends for 7 years, sent her down the path of learning to cook healthy, homemade food for her family. For Polly, living on a shoestring budget while her husband was in grad school and trying to lose a little weight, sent her on a similar journey.

Today, we jokingly claim the title “freezer cooking evangelists”, because freezer cooking has transformed how both our families live. Whereas we once subsisted on frozen pizzas and take out, today we enjoy delicious meals at home regularly and spend more time around the dinner table together. And, we love helping others do the same!