Thanks for stopping by Thriving Home. My name’s Rachel. My husband affectionately describes me as “an endearing dork”–likely because of my keen ability to crack junior high-level jokes and make a fool of myself to get a laugh. It comes as no surprise to those who know me that I’m a #7 on the Enneagram, if you are familiar with that personality grid.

Before the Blog

After graduating from the University of Missouri with a degree in English Education, I intended to sacrifice my life to reading, writing and grading late into the night. However, my desire shifted toward vocational ministry after becoming a Christian mid-way through college. I took a job at our church and worked there in children’s ministry either full time or part time for nearly 20 years.

My Family

See that cute blondie that my kids all look like a clone of? Nathan’s the guy I became friends with (read: crushed on) my junior year of college, dated and broke up with twice, and eventually said “yes” to marrying while we were on a break. It’s a long but good story. He is the Pastor of Biblical Studies at our church and one of the most loyal Royals fans you’ll ever meet. We’ve been married for 19 years and have a 7th grade son, 5th grade daughter, and 3rd grade son. Some of our favorite things to do as a family are read books together, hike around our local state park, coach/play sports, and watch movies. We also spend a fair amount of time working out sibling spats. 🙂

More About Me

You’ll notice on the blog my bent toward natural, healthy living. Although I’ve always cared about being in shape and eating well, our family’s lifestyle changed when one of my children was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at age 18 months. After doing much research, I realized that we needed to cut out the processed junk food in our diet and start eating real food at home as much as possible. Freezer cooking and my freezer club have helped make that a reality for our family for the past decade.

Thriving Home began in 2012 as a hobby and business idea with Polly. Our vision has always been to encourage and resource other moms with the some of the things we are learning in our (very imperfect) homes. Eight years later, this venture is still a labor of love and now a sustainable job that I wake up excited about each day.

I hope to meet you in person or virtually on our blog or social media sometime. Our readers mean so much to us and are the reason we do what we do. Please reach out if you ever have questions, feedback, or we can help you in any way.