Powerball Cookies

By Rachel Tiemeyer
March 16, 2020
Powerball cookies have been a longtime favorite in my home. Look no further for a great make-ahead, freezer-friendly snack. 
No Bake Powerball Cookies on a plate

What’s in these no-bake Powerball Cookies?

With a few simple pantry ingredients, you can whip these up in no time! The beauty of this recipe is the ingredients are somewhat fluid. Add or subtract based on what you like or what you have on hand. Here is what you’ll need:

  • Peanut butter or almond butter
  • Honey
  • Old-fashioned oats
  • Flax seed (Why eat flaxseed?)
  • Dark chocolate chips (or 3/4 cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips)
  • 1 cup any combination of these add-ins:
    • chopped nuts (i.e. chopped pecans, sliced almonds, etc.)
    • unsweetened shredded coconut
    • chia seed
    • soft dried fruits (i.e. raisins, dried cranberries, etc)
Powerball cookie ingredients in white bowls

Once you’ve gotten all of your ingredients beautifully placed in nice, neat, white bowls like above … (JUST KIDDING! No one actually does that unless they are a food blogger, right?!)

Anywhoo, once you’ve rounded up all of the ingredients you want in your powerball cookies, you’ll add them all into a big ‘ol mixing bowl.

Tip: I’ve found that if I warm the peanut butter and honey just a tad it makes it easier to stir all of the ingredients together.

Powerball cookie ingredients being mixed together

Watch How Easily Powerball Cookies Come Together…

How do I store Powerball Cookies?

Here’s the fun part. Using wet hands and/or a small ice cream scoop, form small balls and place them on a parchment-lined baking sheet.

You’ll freeze them this way so that they hold their form. Once they are frozen, transfer them to an airtight freezer container and store them in the freezer.

Be sure to train the kids to know where they are at. They’ll be asking!

A hand holding a powerball cookie

Make sure to make a double batch too. Not only do these make a great afternoon snack, they can also be a great breakfast!

Closeup of powerball cookies

Powerball Cookies

  • Author: Thriving Home
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 0 minutes
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 3035 cookies 1x
  • Category: Cookies
  • Method: Mix
  • Cuisine: American


Powerball Cookies are a healthy, real-food snack. Careful, it’s hard to stop at just one!


  • 1 cup all-natural peanut butter or almond butter (crunchy peanut butter is really yummy!)
  • 1 cup honey (I often cut this back to 3/4 cup and make up the 1/4 cup with more nut butter)
  • 3 cups old-fashioned oats (quick-cooking works fine)
  • 1/2 cup ground flax seed (Why eat flaxseed?)
  • 1 cup dark chocolate chips (or 3/4 cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips)
  • 1 cup any combination of these add-ins:
    • chopped nuts (i.e. chopped pecans, sliced almonds, etc)
    • unsweetened shredded coconut
    • chia seeds
    • soft dried fruits (i.e. raisins, dried cranberries, etc)


Make It Now:

  1. In a medium mixing bowl, stir together the peanut butter and honey until smooth. (Tip: You may want to warm them in the microwave first to make this step easier.)
  2. Stir in oats and flaxseed.
  3. Add the chocolate chips and your 1 cup of preferred add-ins. Stir until well combined.
  4. Using wet hands or a wet cookie scoop, shape the mixture into 30-35 balls. Use a heaping tablespoon of mixture per cookie.

Freeze For Later: Follow Steps 1-4. Place the rolled cookies on a sheet pan (line with parchment paper for easier clean up). Place in the freezer for an hour or so, until hardened. Place them into a freezer bag or airtight freezer container for up to 3 months. Prepare From Frozen: Either set cookies out on the counter to thaw slightly or warm in the microwave for about 15 seconds.

Hand grabbing a powerball cookie

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38 replies
  1. Kathy says:

    Loved the Powerball Cookies. I only made a half recipe to try them. Next time, I’m making a full batch and freezing. I’ll bet they are great frozen. Thanks for all your amazing recipes.

  2. lois says:

    made these just yesterday with dried cranberries, the reduced amount of mini chocolate chips and the increased amount of peanut butter. no coconut or nuts here…. so good!! Now I can pop 3 or 4 a day into the fridge from the freezer (where they’re stored) for something small and healthy-ish to satisfy my mid-afternoon sweet tooth.

  3. Laura says:

    Yummy! Made these today and they were great. The flax seed will take some getting use to but the rest was great. Did dried cherries and pistachios.

  4. Alicia says:

    These are so good, I feel like I’d never have to make chocolate chip cookies again. I agree that you could cut back the honey and replace it with peanut butter (I’ll do that next time). We don’t love dried fruit in this house so I just used all pecans for the nut/fruit portion. So good.

    • Rachel says:

      Good question! Flash freeze just means to place the cookies on a rimmed baking sheet or in a shallow dish in the freezer. Make sure they aren’t touching. Once they are frozen, you can throw them in a freezer bag and pull out however many you want at a time. Hope that helps!

  5. Sara says:

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I surprised my family with them tonight and they are a big hit! These are also going to be great little energy bites as I move into my third trimester. Thank you! Happy New Year!

  6. Sally M says:

    OMG these cookies were like the best thing that ever happened to me like wow I am soooooooooo telling everybody about ur sooooooooo totally awesome recipe!!!!!! Yeah man GO POWERBALLS

  7. Tracy says:

    Hi Rachel,
    Just curious as to whether you’ve had any luck with baking these as opposed to nuking them. Love the simplicity of it, though, and can’t wait to make them this weekend!

    • Rachel says:

      Tracy, I’ve never tried to bake them. You’ll have to let me know if you try. I don’t think they’d make it to the oven b/c we eat them before then. 🙂

  8. Tammy says:

    Hi, Rachel!

    I made something similar with my kindergarten class when I was in kindergarten many, many moons ago. We were doing an activity in Girl Scouts a few years ago, so I did my best to remember what we put in it and made a very similar recipe to this (without the chocolate chips) and added a little powdered milk to the recipe. We called them “squirrel food.” They enjoyed them very much. These definitely have a lot of energy and are so much fun to make with (or for) children, just not too late at night or they’ll never get to sleep. 😉

  9. Natalie says:

    My three-year-old daughter and I are making these when she wakes up as a reward for her taking a good nap. I think she and my husband will love them! Um, and if she doesn’t I’m okay with eating a few now and then from my freezer. 😉

  10. Darcie says:

    Oh, I'm so glad you tried these! My boys really do love them and they inhale them. They last in the fridge for several days, too, fyi! 🙂

  11. Rachel says:

    Hi Jena,

    I feed them to Hannah (15 months and has only her front teeth) and she does fine. You might take out the dried fruit from the toddler bites.

    Also, I may try making them with Agave nectar instead of honey next time to cut back on the amount of sugar for my kids. Just an idea.

    Thanks for reading!

  12. Rachel says:

    Thanks for reading, Ashley. I think I've seen your comments on Every Square Inch before?? Way to take some steps towards healthy eating! Hope we can meet sometime.

  13. Ashley says:

    Rachel – we haven't met, but I really enjoy reading your blog (and have for about a month). In fact, it may just motivate me to cook a bit more! We've been trying to eat more whole wheat, fruits and veggies while avoiding too much salt and sugar. Still having trouble converting wholly to the beautiful organic aisles of Hy-Vee and Clovers though. Thanks for writing!