10 Summertime Freezer Meals

Last week I wrote a post about Three Reasons Freezer Cooking in the Summer is Awesome. 

Since I make the oh-so-convincing case as to why you should be whipping up some freezer meals in the summertime, I’m here to equip you with some recipe ideas. Ready, set, go!

10 Summertime Freezer Meals

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Slow Cooker Shredded BBQ Sandwiches

These bad boys cook in the slow cooker which is great in the summer because you’re keeping your kitchen cool! The magic to this easy freezer meal is in the homemade BBQ sauce. It’s a great recipe for a crowd too!

Shredded BBQ Beef Sandwiches. This slow cooker dinner idea can make a great freezer meal too! Using our homemade BBQ Sauce puts these family friendly sandwiches over the top.

Southwest Chicken Grilled Kabobs

Here’s an easy kabob marinade that you can have all sorts of fun with! Marinades are super easy to scale up and make lots of freezer meals with too. So easy!

These Grilled Marinated Chicken Kabobs are one of our favorites for the grilling season. Make ahead and freeze before or after grilling!

Mini Italian Burgers

I personally love having burgers as a freezer meal in the summer. They thaw out fast and they’re a meal everyone is happy with. Burger recipes are super easy to scale up and freeze for later too.

Moist and packed with Italian flavor, these Mini Italian Burgers will impress anyone from guests to the youngest eaters in your house.

Mediterranean Shrimp

Looking for a lighter freezer meal? This Mediterranean Shrimp recipe is a winner. It’s light, fresh, and super tasty. One tip to freezing shrimp is to NOT freeze it in the marinade. The citrus messes with the texture makes it kinda yucky. The simple solution to making this a freezer meal is to just freeze the marinade in a separate bag!

This freezer-friendly shrimp will make even the most reluctant seafood eaters happy! It's a fun one to serve for family dinner or as a party appetizer. #freezermeal #realfood

Gourmet Chicken Sandwiches

These are a go-to in our house. This chicken marinade is to DIE for. Make lots. Freeze lots. Eat lots! Again, an easy freezer meal that you can make multiple of batches of to save time, money, and stress.

Gourmet Chicken Sandwiches are the ultimate chicken sandwiches for any weeknight! Just prep and freeze all the components ahead of time. This well-seasoned, versatile grilled chicken also works to top pasta or salads. #freezermeal #realfood #thrivinghome

Southwest Chicken and Bacon Wraps

If you aren’t feeling the chicken sandwiches above, consider these freezer friendly Southwest Chicken Wraps. When making them a freezer meal, simply freeze the chicken in the marinade. In separate bags, freeze the cheese, bacon, and sauce. That way you have a whole kit to pull out in the future!

Southwest chicken and bacon wraps. Such a great, healthy dinner idea. I love serving this meal when we have people over because people can customize it. Also a great freezer meal! | Thriving Home #freezermeal

Powerball Cookies

Having a healthy summertime snack is always fun. These freezer friendly Powerball Cookies live in the freezer after you make them and serve as a perfect afternoon snack.

English Muffin Pizzas

Here’s a fun twist on pizza: Freezer Friendly English Muffin Pizzas! Kids have fun assembling these and they make a perfect last minute meal to pop out of the freezer when you’re in need of a quick meal.

English Muffin Pizzas are easy, kid-friendly, and freezable.

Fried Rice with Sweet Soy Sauce

Here is a vegetarian freezer meal option that you’ll love. Use up those summertime veggies and make a huge batch of this Fried Rice with Sweet Soy Sauce. It freezes beautifully!

This fried rice with sweet soy sauce recipe is AMAZING. It's packed with nutritious ingredients and serves as a delicious side dish. It's also surprisingly freezer friendly!

Pork Tenderloin with Seasoned Rub

This freezer friendly pork tenderloin recipe is a no-fail freezer meal. Make sure to use the 7-6-5 method when cooking it on the grill!

This is one of our family's top 5 recipes! Turns out perfectly every time and pleases all the palettes.

The Best Freezer Meal Resource

Although we love the recipes from our blog like this one, we actually spent over a year painstakingly developing, testing, and retesting over 75 new, freezer-friendly recipes for our cookbook called From Freezer to Table (Rodale Books).

All of the recipes in From Freezer to Table are delicious, made from whole foods, are easy to prepare, and can be made fresh or frozen for later. Plus, every recipe includes freezer meal instructions. Our cookbook is a beautiful resource you will pull out again and again! (Scroll below for a sneak peek of a few favorites from the book.)

From Freezer to Table CookbookShrimp Curry Bowls might just be my (and my 8-year-old daughter’s) favorite recipe in the whole book. Get ready for a Thai party in your mouth…

Shrimp Curry Bowls from From Freezer to Table Cookbook. Order book at fromfreezertotable.com today!

Is breakfast your thang? We’ve got tasty whole foods breakfasts that will be waiting for your family on those hurried mornings. The Chocolate Zu-Nana Waffles are a guaranteed kid-favorite…

Chocolate Zu-Nana Waffles from From Freezer to Table cookbook. Order today at www.fromfreezertotable.com.

And Mixed Berry Scones, made with whole wheat and all good-for-you ingredients, will knock your socks off and start your day off right…

Mixed Berry Scones from From Freezer to Table cookbook. Order your copy today at www.FromFreezerToTable.com.

Last but not least, you’ll find family favorites that are quick and easy for weeknights but work just as well for dinner guests. Crispy Chicken with Lemony Butter Sauce is an elegant and mouth-watering meal you’ll make again and again…

Crispy Chicken with Lemony Butter Sauce from From Freezer to Table cookbook. Order your copy today at www.FromFreezerToTable.com.

In From Freezer to Table, we also teach you how to make freezer cooking a lifestyle either on your own or with friends, so that you can enjoy healthy, stress-free meals around the table with your loved ones. Order your copy today.Learn to prepare delicious, healthy, stress-free meals for the family that go from freezer to table in no time!

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