Sale Alert! Best Bluehost Discount of the Year!

Hey guys! Just dropping in real quick today because there is a great blogging deal coming down the pipe that we wanted to prep you for. So, if you're interested in any type of online business, blog,…

I Spy...

Rachel and Polly in the magazine stands! Yep. You can find yours truly popping out behind magazine stands and in the checkout isles at your store--well at least, some of your stores. We have been…

Why I Ditched My External Hard Drive and Use an Online Backup

Why I Ditched My External Hard Drive A few years ago, I was backing up my computer using an external hard drive (like the one in the picture to the left). I did this on a regular basis on the offset chance…

Survey Results: What YOU Taught Us

Disclaimer: Some affiliate links may be included in this article. A few weeks ago, over 300 of you graciously took a few minutes to fill out our quick survey. (In fact, it's still not too late, if you…
How to start making money on a blog

Blogging Basics: 5 Ways to Start Making Money on a Blog

Disclaimer: Affiliate links may be included. When you start to see traffic pick up on your site, it can be really exciting. I remember many ecstatic texts and phone calls between Rachel and me celebrating…
Blogging Basics: How to Start a Blog - A step-by-step beginner's guide to set up a blog.

Blogging Basics: How to Start a Blog (+ A Special Bonus From Us if You Do!)

Read our entire Blogging 101 series beginning HERE. When Rachel and I started blogging together, it was a "blind leading the blind" scenario. We honestly did not know what we were doing. We knew…
Blogging Basics: How much money do mom bloggers make? (Plus, a step-by-step beginner's guide to set up a blog for profit.)

Blogging Basics: How Much Money Do Mom Bloggers Make?

Want to start making money on your own mom blog? Get started here now! I admit I googled "How much money do mom blogs make?" a few different times when we first started Thriving Home. You see Polly…
Blogging Basics: Why We Love Blogging as a Part-Time Job -- A week-long series to motivate and equip you to start earning income from blogging.

Blogging Basics: Why We Love Blogging As a Part-Time Job

Yesterday began our Blogging Basics series with "Do You Ever Dream of Starting a Blog?". Stay tuned all week long for more about starting a blog for profit. "So what do you do for a living?" It's a…
Blogging Basics: A week-long series to inspire and equip moms to start a blog for profit.

Blogging Basics: Have You Ever Dreamed of Starting a Blog (and Earning Income from It)?

Have you ever dreamed about starting your own blog? And maybe even earning some extra income from it? Polly and I sure did three years ago. And now, here we are today, both earning a part-time income…

Behind the Blog: What Do You Wish Readers Knew?

We are wrapping up our week long series: Behind the Blog. It's been fun taking a trip down memory lane and sharing about what goes on behind the scenes at Thriving Home. In case you missed a post we've…
Thriving Home bloggers, Polly and Rachel, interview their husbands about what it's like to be married to a blogger. Hilarious!

Behind the Blog: What Do Your Husbands Think?

We are in the 4th post of a week long series of Behind the Blog. This week we are giving you a peek behind the scenes of Thriving Home and hopefully answering a few common questions. So far we have covered: …