Blogging Basics: How Much Money Do Mom Bloggers Make?

By Rachel Tiemeyer

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I admit I googled “How much money do mom blogs make?” a few different times when we first started Thriving Home. You see Polly and I knew from the beginning that we wanted to build a business from our blogging hobby. But, I was skeptical that it was even possible. I wanted proof. Unfortunately, not much proof existed on the internet in 2011 to answer my question, however.

Since then, there is so much more information available about how much money mom blogs make. In fact, some bloggers we admire greatly now publish their monthly income reports for the world to see. The first time I saw this, my jaw dropped. I felt like I was looking into these bloggers’ underwear drawers. But, this information is so incredibly helpful! Seeing how different bloggers are making their money spawns new business ideas and learning how much they actually make has given us a “can do” spirit. Check out these bloggers’ income reports, if you’re interested: Pinch of Yum’s income reports and Just A Girl and A Blog income reports. And Amy Lynn Andrews put together an entire Pinterest board with bloggers’ income reports here!

Back to the question at hand, though. The short answer is this: the amount of money mom bloggers make is different for every single one. Isn’t that frustrating to hear? But, it’s really true. Every blogger has to decide over time what she has to offer readers and what income sources work best for her own platform. We’ve tried quite a few revenue streams ourselves over the years and will share specific ideas with you later in the week (click here for that post). Of course, we continue to experiment, learn, and grow.

To leave you perhaps a bit more appeased about today’s question, though, I thought I’d open up our own underwear drawer for you. (Nah, you don’t want to see that. Trust me.) Actually, I want to show you an example of what our income/expenses look like.  Read more

Blogging Basics: Why We Love Blogging As a Part-Time Job

By Polly Conner

Blogging Basics: Why We Love Blogging as a Part-Time Job -- A week-long series to motivate and equip you to start earning income from blogging.

Yesterday began our Blogging Basics series with “Do You Ever Dream of Starting a Blog?“. Stay tuned all week long for more about starting a blog for profit.

“So what do you do for a living?”

It’s a common question that often comes out during small chat, right?

Usually, my answer is something like, “Well, I stay home with my kids and also write for a blog.”

Cue the blank stare. 

When I tell someone I blog as a part-time job, it is likely that they have no idea what that actually means. I also imagine them thinking, “Well, bless you’re heart. Let me know when you get a REAL part-time job that you don’t do in your pajamas.”

However, despite the unspoken skepticism of what a blogger’s life really looks like, the reality is Rachel and I love what we do as bloggers. And to be honest, after 3 years of hard work, it pays pretty well for the amount of time we put into it. Not to mention, it’s a fun job!

To give you a clearer picture about why we enjoy our job, Rachel and I thought it’d be fun to team up for a post about why we love blogging. We both have many similar reasons as well as some different ones to expand upon. We hope it gives you a glimpse into the perks of this job. Read more

Blogging Basics: Have You Ever Dreamed of Starting a Blog (and Earning Income from It)?

By Rachel Tiemeyer

Blogging Basics: Have you ever dreamed of starting a blog? -- A week-long series to motivate and equip you to start earning income from blogging.Have you ever dreamed about starting your own blog? And maybe even earning some extra income from it?

Polly and I sure did three years ago. And now, here we are today, both earning a part-time income from one blog that continues to grow. This little “labor of love”, as we call Thriving Home, helps provide extra financial income and allows us the flexibility to stay home with our children, among other advantages.

But how do you even start a blog with the potential for earning profit? For that matter, how on earth does a blog even make money!? Is it really worth the time and investment? These were the questions we feverishly researched back in the fall of 2011 before launching Thriving Home. And, now, we’re starting to have friends and readers ask us the very same questions.

Since that time three years ago, we’ve alternately stumbled, sprinted, shuffled, and hiccuped along a path that I might equate to drinking from a fire hydrant. And it’s honestly been amazing. We wouldn’t trade the experience or this one-of-a-kind job for anything.

So this week on Thriving Home we’re sharing a series of posts dedicated to anyone who has ever thought about what it might take to start a blog. It’s dedicated to anyone who wants to take a risk…that may result in an amazing journey…that may result in impacting others…that may result in a flexible income source.

The goal of Blogging Basics, as we’ve dubbed this week-long series, is to inspire and equip moms (and anyone else!) to take a bold first step toward starting their own blog for profit. We’ll address these common questions:

Be sure to comment and leave us questions along the way. We’d love to be a resource and encouragement for you if you’re thinking about starting a blog.

P.S. In the meantime, swing by our Blogging Resources page to find out what we use and love when it comes to our site.

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